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2020 Budget: Sustainability Of Completion  Agenda


Governor Udom Emmanuel last week submitted a N597.8billion budget estimates to the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly for consideration and approval.
Although such an exercise has become an annual ritual, that by Governor Emmanuel raises a lot of interest and critical analysis.
From all indications Akwa Ibom stateis moving in the path of sustainable development as exemplified by the implementation of the 2019 budget.
 The 2020 budget is therefore to build on the successes recorded in the first term of his administration, while also opening up new vistas of growth.
Perhaps the greatest focus of the budget is in line with the Completion Agenda of this Administration which is to ensure that no projects are left uncompleted at the end of its eight- year tenure.
Indeed, it is complimentary to the achievements of his first term which must be consolidated while also setting the tune for the second term.
Christened ‘Budget of Industrialisation for Poverty Alleviation 2’ it is intended to ensure the take-off of the 8-Point Agenda that ‘forms the policy trust of the Completion Agenda, ‘ the governor said.
It makes provisions for the 8-Point Agenda which are (i) Industrialisation (ii) Aviation
Development (iii) security (iv) Infrastructure (v) Small and Medium scale Enterprises (vi) Human Capacity Development (vii) Agriculture and (viii) Rural and Riverine Area Development
Already the Governor Emmanuel Administration has planted 16 industries so far in its industrialisation programme and the budget is to enable the sustainability of the policy drive.
We are pleased with the gradual build-up of industries in Akwa Ibom State which will hopefully have positive multiplier effects.
In the aviation sector, Akwa Ibom has taken a national lead by becoming the first State in the Federation to run airlines successfully. By 2020, the Administration intends to acquire more aircraft in addition to the three currently in operation.
In terms of agriculture, Akwa Ibom State is on the path of self-sufficiency through the various projects executed in the first term  such as the rice mils and garri processing plants.
 All these and much more are to be sustained in the 2020 budget.
It is reassuring to note how the Akwa Ibom government is rising up to the challenges of insecurity. As Governor Emmanuel rightly said, Akwa Ibom remains an ‘Oasis of peace’ in today’s Nigeria.
Indeed the coming of this Administration has ushered in peace which must be sustained through the provisions of the budget.
The development drive of the Administration touches on nearly all sectors of the economy and social development and the loftiness of the budget proposal gives a sense of a better tomorrow for all.
Therefore, it is hoped that the Appropriation Bill will receive favourable considerations in the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly and that the honourable legislators will promptly pass it for the eventual signing into law for the good of people of the State.

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