Cleric Charges Christians On Moral Decadence

…as Royal Crown Ministries Ends 23rd Annual Convention

Christians have again been cautioned to exert more authority for decent and acceptable moral upbringing on the younger generation if the country must witness generational change.

Handing down this admonition at a well-attended 23rd Annual Convention of Royal Crown Ministries at the Church’s Cathedral in Oron, the Founder/General Overseer of the Church, Bishop Eka Asuquo Etuk pointed out that though many young people attend one institution or another, parents and guardians must play a very leading role in the moral rectitude of their children and wards.

Bishop Etuk stressed that since children spend more time with their parents and guardians at home, the disciplinary measures put in place at schools should be substantially augmented at home for the overall benefit of the family and the society at large.

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The cleric, who is also the Principal General of Community Secondary School, Eyo Abasi in Oron Local Government Area maintained that the waywardness and indiscipline as well as other negative behavioral livelihood of our youths should pose a serious concern to all and sundry and called for action if the society must witness a noticeable change in the attitudes of some of our youth.

According to the renowned man of God and accomplished educationist, “a good family begets good community even as same make a unique nation.”

Bishop Etuk, who has put in over three decades of conventional evangelism and unbroken educational upbringing in several secondary schools across Akwa Ibom State, emphasized the need for Christians to also depend solely on the Almighty God to fight their battles rather than resort to cutting corners and patronizing devilish powers that could not achieve lasting peace.

Quoting copiously from the scriptures, Bishop Etuk who answered the divine call to become “a channel” for the propagation of undiluted messages of the God since 1996, however recalled that after his sojourn with both the Truth and Life Church and The Redeemed Church of God, he was ordained a pastor in 1999.

Bishop Etuk whose burning desire to increase the flock and spiritual perfection, also enrolled at the prestigious Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI)Winners Chapel, Uyo as well as a concise training as an Assistant Pastor in The Redeemed Christian Church.

In 2003, the International Charismatic Assembly of London elected him a Bishop while he has since then trained and produced pastors spicing that up with the establishment of three branches of Royal Crown Ministries at Atiabang, Ebughu and Okobo even as he confirmed that divine moves have been in top gear to expand the Ministry to more nooks and crannies for full propagation of the gospel in fulfillment of God’s agenda and prophetic pronouncements.

He also proclaimed that the Royal Crown Ministries is in the forefront of preparing saints for Heaven.

Speaking in an interview with newsmen in his office after the weeklong 23rd Annual Convention of Royal Crown Ministries held at the Church’s magnificent Cathedral at No. 17 Awana Abia Street, Oron, Bishop Etuk, confirmed that since Royal Crown Ministries was registered and incorporated in 1998, series of testimonies of God’s benevolence have littered and engulfed the members who also testified during the convention, their palatable experiences which he alluded to God’s sincerity to those who genuinely seek Him in Spirit and in Truth.

He declared: “At any point in time, God can always raise divine and destiny helpers to all seekers if only they do so with Faith and Believe, adding also that 2021 will turn out to be a year of abundance and blessings for true worshipers expecting Help from Above”.

Bishop Etuk, who was honoured in 2017 by the Royal Dew Chaplaincy of the Nigerian Army as a “Spiritual Father”, was similarly given an award by his secondary school Alumni under the leadership of Prof. Idara Akpabio.

In an answer to a reporter’s question, the man of God posited that the role of Fathers of Faith in partnering the government should not be faulted as according to him in the scriptures “The Kings and the Prophets” worked in tandem to execute God’s wishes and direction for the optimum benefit of the followers, adding that while proliferation of Churches could be linked to greed and insubordination by young pastors and church workers, the scriptures also enjoined the followers to decipher the true churches from those established for pecuniary interest.

Bishop Eka declared, “Christians should learn to watch for fake prophets and prophetesses and separate their activities from those preaching for monetary rewards rather than evangelizing uprightness, godliness and good character.

He added also that “the challenges of meeting the Master’s bidding for propagation of the Gospel and spreading of the word requires more hands in the Ministry.

“We should not remain defiant in joining hands for the harvest is plenty but the workers few,” he stated.

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