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Dance Of Transiency

By Patrick Albert

Life dissolves as a journey.
A possession of temporality
Like the rose flower,
…Today it blooms, gains all eyes and adulation!
…Tomorrow, it withers and it’s cast aside

O’ thou Life,
Thou comes with allure
Thy dance, full of awakening
…Celebration greets thy steps
Yet thou is of transiency!

The height of thy ascendency
…The treasures of your exploits!
Alas, like a dream state
…Thy silver, gold and diamond thou take none Only thou at the exit door!

O’ thou Life!
…Thy exit ravages homes
The City is left in pain and mourning!
How can thy length of possession be priced?
The Vault of Arabia can be the bond:
…To keep thee at beck and call
Shouldn’t the banquet table remain as long as desired?

Thou reigns like a Lion in the jungle
With ferociousness and roars:
…Thou takes primacy
Walking as a Conqueror
…Alas, temporality sets in,
The flute calls
The cool wind blows
…Off goes the candlelight!

O’ thou Life!
Futility trails your conquest like cancer
… All thy accumulation is left behind as spoils of war:
Thou goes down as a prey in the bowel of the earth.
Songs of farewell and hope of a reunion are given to thee!
Wet eyes and mournful faces soon bear smiles
…And the society whirls on!
Only in memory, thou do exists
Oh, what a dance of transiency!

(C) Patrick Albert
Thursday July 13, 2023

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