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Divorce And Its Lethal Jabs

Mercy Obot

Day in and day out, thousands of love birds are seen gracing the aisles to solemnise the love they have for each other. The glittering ceremony seems to unclog every iota of doubts and fears between the couple, leading the duo to imprint the marital vow in their hearts.

But what happens when the solemnization experiences a crack at its root? What happens when the duo is left to swim with the sharks while the rovers are the only licenced mammals to serve them a meal?

Most piqued couples in the aforementioned situation often resort to dissolving their ‘happy ever after’ in the middle of marital conflicts, hoping that this dissolution will have the feel of a new leaf.

Well, some separated couples often get their wishful peaceful life back, while others deteriorate into the situation further, mounting a deep hole in their hearts till they eventually transcend beyond the shores of the world.

It is never greener on the other side; its misty view may idolise your mind in an impeccable green life venture, but once you eventually take a tour into Cannanland, it becomes more cosy and empty than you ever envisioned.

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Relating to the lethal jabs of dissolution of marriage, some inevitable thorns will eventually bleed the skin once the divorce paper is signed. So, it becomes imperative to think deeply or have a deep thought before one embarks on the journey of being a divorcee.

At first, an individual must know how to survive the hellish shots of the divorce phase by being aware of its full dose of societal and blood-related stigmatisation.

Apart from the societal stigmatisation, there will be thunderous tantrums from the former marital lover; she or he is likely to become an unwanted, indelible pain as a result of the children shared.

Also, have an open heart because the lover is likely to move on as soon as he signs you off from his or her life, and the new partner may be more flamboyant than you ever were. And to worsen the situation, the former lover is likely to share the beautiful moments on social media.

Sometimes it might be emotionally draining to crack the difficult walls of life alone, and there are some nights that one will drown his or her tears with the “what ifs.”

There is also a phase where children will be entangled in the divorce dilemma, causing a psychological effect on their lives. A situation where they can face instability of affection because of the indifferences between the two parents.

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According to the research carried out by the National Library of Medicine, “parental divorce or separation is associated with an increased risk for child and adolescent adjustment problems, including academic difficulties (e.g., lower grades and school dropout), disruptive behaviours (e.g., conduct and substance use problems), and depressed mood.”

Furthermore, the religious body you are affiliated with will haul stones to condemn the act of dissolving the marital vow; their words will flame up the bone marrow while leaving the flesh in ashes. Family members will have their criticism poll where both the bad and ugly will throw their tantrums about how irrelevant and unwise divorce is.

One is likely to suddenly become a plague on his or her friend’s spouse; their fears will be profound and absolute.

Be ready to abreast yourself with emotional survival techniques because the path will loom over you in unprecedented situations. But be of good courage because the valley of the shadow, the deadly pit of divorce, can in turn strengthen you to be tough and unleash your inner potential that will impact the next generation.

However, it becomes pertinent to dissolve a marriage if the marital home is causing havoc and threatening the life of the man or woman. Contrary to this extent of a life-threatening situation, every marriage is worth fighting for, and through commitment and dedication, the experience can be beautiful.

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