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Debuting With A Difference


We are today debuting into the interesting world of journalism with a determination to make a difference. Overtime, we have watched with concern how the impact of journalism has become a two-edged sword leaving much to be desired and creating a vacuum. Therefore there has been the need to fill the void with a brand of journalism that is progressive.
With a crop of experienced professionals in journalism, Crystal Express is berthing as a dependable news platform poised to offer editorial excellence backed by veracity.
We have as our vision the advancement of society and democracy which we hope to accomplish through the mission of publishing a newspaper that is all-inclusive information and knowledge-driven platform for balanced news and current affairs reportage. That is why we have as our motto: All Sides to the News.
While staying open to global information dissemination, Crystal Express focuses more on Nigeria, particularly the Niger Delta Region.
There is no doubt that while the Niger Delta Region is the goose that lays Nigeria’s golden eggs, it has continued to suffer neglect and deprivation. In deed the region is daily crying for development
Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring the untold stories of the Niger Delta region to the whole wide world in news and features.
Without making an overstatement, Crystal Express is here to diligently serve the reading public while offering itself as a voice to bring to the fore issues of the moment as well as be a platform for all people and government irrespective of class, religion or political persuasion
All these and much more we hope to achieve through our editorial team that is well versed with the nitty-gritty in the media industry. We will therefore serve timely and refreshing news that is undiluted and factual.
Above all, in compliance with the ethics of our profession, Crystal Express will stay on the path of unity, peace, concord and developmental journalism.

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