Exterminating Cultism For Peace, Security Of The State



The recent proscription of 65 suspected cult groups through the signing of the Cultism and Other Violent Behaviours (Prohibition) Order by Governor Udom Emmanuel has received wide public acknowledgement and support in Akwa Ibom State.


A lot of people took to the social media, especially to commend the governor for the proscription but would have wanted him to add more to the list.


In March 2018, the governor had come with the same prohibition order against 33 cult groups but has now extended it with additional 32 others, bringing them to a total of 65.


It is bewildering to know that there were as many cult groups operating in Akwa Ibom before now. But thanks to the pragmatism and political will of the Governor Emmanuel Administration to take on them head long.


We commend the vigilance of the security forces in keeping track of the nefarious activities of cult groups in the state and in most cases nibbling them in the bud.


More proactive measures should be put in place to keep checking and neutralising the dastardly activities of such groups.


Without the constant surveillance by government and the security agencies, the prevailing peace in Akwa Ibom would long have been truncated.


Therefore a constant watch must be maintained on cultism to prevent new groups from springing up in the state and proscribed ones from regrouping.


What will actually serve as a deterrent to cultists would be for government to take decisive steps to openly prosecute offenders under the anti-cultism laws.


Maybe if necessary, an anti-cultism summit should be convened where all stakeholders including government, parents, traditional rulers and the political class will meet to discuss how to put an end to cultism and related activities in the state.


A cursory look at how cultism took root in the state will definitely apportion blame to parents for failing in their duties to monitor their children.


Unfortunately, and of course, some parents are cultists too and their kids could therefore be emulating them.
A holistic approach must be taken to address the issue of cultism. In fact, cultism has spread to all the fabrics of the nation’s foundation and would therefore require genuine efforts to eradicate it.


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The history of cultism among Nigerian youths shows that it started in tertiary institutions but has today spread to secondary and even primary schools. It has grown at a geometric rate such that there are now equally a number of female cult groups in the universities, secondary schools and in the general society.
Cultism today has spread into the nooks and crannies of the rural areas and therefore portends great danger to security of lives and property

What hope would there be for a nation if cultists rise through the ranks and files to become leaders? There are fears that a lot of them are today holding public offices to the detriment of the larger society.


Given this trend, the issue of cultism may come up strongly in future election campaign. Already, people are asking who is a cultist and some are also saying they will never allow cultists to ever again rule over them.


Therefore, the efforts of the Governor Emmanuel Administration to unmask and prohibit cultists are highly commendable. However, people think the list should be longer than the present 65..

Many other cult bodies may be masquerading into social groups or non-governmental organizations but members of the public know them all and they have no hiding place.
It is now time to fish out all cultists.


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