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Federal Roads: Shame Of A Nation


The issue of deplorable federal roads came up like a recurring decimal last week when it was tabled before the National Assembly by the member representing Etinan Federal Constituency.
 Rt Hon Onifiiok Luke brought it to the front burner in a motion in the House of Representatives and rightly so at a time when the labyrinth of federal roads is almost collapsing especially in the South East and South South geo-political regions of the country.
For example the Calabar- Itu Road,  Ikot Ekpene- Umuahia Road and Okigwe- Umuahia Expressway to mention a few in the two regions are now frustrating to commuters..
In fact, it could be recalled that the Calabar- Itu Road in particular was a campaign issue and severally listed in the national budgets for reconstruction. Even a serving federal minister once boasted at town-hall meeting organised by the Federal Government in Uyo for the South-South geopolitical region that if the road was not reconstructed before the next general election which was in 2019, the party in power should be driven away when they come for campaign.
Nigerians seem to have short memories because not only was the road not reconstructed but the same minister came along with his party campaign train for the just concluded 2019 elections. It was a glaring indication that perhaps issues do not mater in Nigerian elections.
Today the road has become such a sorry sight that leaves commuters wondering if government ever cares for the people especially those from this part of the country.
The much talked about dualising Calabar- Itu Road remains a mirage captured year-in-year-out in the national budget.
It could also be argued as part of the much agitation of marginalisation that in spite of Akwa Ibom & Abia being oil producing states, the federal government has not deemed it expedient to reconstruct Ikot Ekpene-Aba  Roa, and Ikot Ekpene-Umuahia Road not to talk of dualising them.
All these road issues add up to convince many in this part if the country that the Federal government has lost touch with them. Of course, the poor state of roads in the two regions raises the question of lopsided development of federal roads in the country.
Also worrisome is the fact that most interstate roads are yet to be dualised by now in Nigeria thereby causing attendant mishaps most often.
Federal roads are fast decaying and becoming nightmares to millions of users.
Therefore it behoves on the Federal government to declare an emergency on all federal roads especially in the South- East and South-South geopolitical regions and come me up with a short-term road-map of not only reconstructing but dualising them for rapid economic development of the country..
For now the state of Nigerian roads is taking a great toll on the nation and its people.
There is no doubt that given the current hardship often experienced on federal roads could be rightly summed up as shame of a nation.

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