Goat Section Of Uyo Abattoir Needs Water


I was at the Uyo abattoir to get goat meat for Christmas celebration but what I saw there was really nauseating. Those culling and butchering the goats did so in the open without using the abattoir facility.

The blood was spilled into the fields and the roasting done in the open.

Moreover, there is no pipe borne water to wash away the waste and clean up the meat.

The scene is quite gory and waste from the entrails is dumped in the field.

The cattle section of the abattoir is really in order except that there is no specially built facility for the goat section.

Caked blood from the many goats being slaughtered there daily is littered all around and that is unhygienic.

Government should step in to put the situation right.

Itoro Mfonobong

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