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Gov. Eno Highlights Modalities For Implementing Food Subsidy Initiative

... Says Govt is Committed to Welfare Of Citizenry

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, has outlined modalities for the implementation of the state government’s food subsidy initiative, saying that the state will ensure that efforts at ameliorating the harsh economic realities are not thwarted by middlemen.

He explained that the Social Register will serve as a document for the implementation of the bulk purchase intervention, assuring everyone that the activities of middlemen will be checked to enable the poorest of the poor, who, according to him, are prime targets of the initiative, to benefit maximally from the programme.

Governor Eno was addressing the congregation at All Nations Christian Ministry Int’l, where he worshipped alongside his wife, Pastor (Mrs.) Patience Eno, and some state functionaries during the First Sunday service in March 2024.

The governor said registered vendors will set up redemption centres. At the same time, the government will issue targeted citizens food vouchers, which will allow for discounted purchases and the ability to redeem their worth at the approved redemption centres.

According to him, “We want this thing to get to the real people. If this thing is not properly managed, people will buy it, hoard it, and resell it at a higher price to the masses. We know that as we are planning, some people are also planning how they will make money out of it. So that is the problem and the reason why many government programmes don’t succeed sometimes.

Gov. Umo Eno food subsidy initiative

“One of the things we believe we can do is use the social register. So if you don’t have your name in the social register at your place, please go and do it.

“What we may likely introduce is a food voucher, and we are going to have redemption centres all across this state, all across the market. So when you get the food voucher, you now take it to the redemption centres, where you will get foodstuff. Those managing the centres will bring the vouchers back to us and then get their balance with some logistics and profit,” the governor explained.

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The Governor therefore warned mischief makers to desist from attempting to thwart the government’s good intention to stabilise the cost of staple food in the state, saying that anyone caught would face the full weight of the law.

“For those thinking of forging vouchers, we are doing security printing to keep out fake vouchers. For those working to sabotage the process, we will pick them up and hand them over to the police. Every shop will have a way of verifying the vouchers, so don’t think about it,” he warned.

He emphasised that any intervention measures the government is implementing regarding food subsidies are only for the short term. He further urged all citizens to participate in the state government’s campaign to increase agriculture and ensure food sufficiency by returning to the farm.

The Governor, who is highly celebrated for his managerial ability, assured that the Ministry of Agriculture will make farm inputs available for cultivation and will be ready to offtake from farmers willing to sell their surplus harvest.

In a demonstration of empathy for the people given current economic realities, Governor Umo Eno stated that anyone willing to identify with him on his birthday coming up in April should convert their intended gift items to staple food and share the same with the less privileged on his behalf.

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Delivering a sermon on the topic “Yet I will not forget you,” taken from Isaiah 49:16, Governor Eno admonished Christians to be firm with their faith in God and with the knowledge that God will never forget nor forsake them.

The governor cautioned against a faith that becomes shaky in the face of tribulations and charged them to be courageous and faithful.

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