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Gov’s SSA Appointment:  Amb Okpoyo Backs President General, Says It’s Advantageous To Oro

By Nelson Enyieting


The former Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Ambassador Etim Okpoyo has affirmed that the recent appointment of the President General of Oron Union, Chief (Mrs) Janet Amba by Governor Udom Emmanuel as Senior Special Assistant on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) was perfectly in order.
Ambassador Okpoyo, who is the chairman of the Oro Leadership Forum, said the appointment further offers the President General of Oron Union an opportunity to advance the course of Oro people.
The diplomat, speaking in an exclusive interview with Crystal Express on the heels of discordant voices in Oron over the appointment, especially in the social media, said that the governor has the right to appoint anyone as SSA and commissioner, so far the purpose is to spread development across the state.
Describing the criticism as too early and unnecessary, Amb. Okpoyo said that there was nothing wrong for a seating president general of Oron Union to accept a call to serve her state provided such engagement will not derail her from doing her job as the leader of Oron Union.
The former Nigeria’s Ambassador to Italy argued that since existing records have proved that past president general of Oron Union have had other forms of engagement outside their official duties as the spokesperson of Oro people, there was no reason for any disputation, rather she should be commended for attracting appointment.
“For Oron Union, we have had president -generals who were working. The one the incumbent took over from was working too. If you go through our records most of our president generals were working while serving as president general, so why should we waste our time on such a matter? If she can cope with both jobs, it is okay. The concerns now should only come up if the new appointment derails her from doing her job as president- general. The criticisms are too early and unnecessary.
“If you are in government and take a position or carry out any action, don’t think you will have the support of everybody.  Only ensure you are doing the right thing while sooner or later your critics will see reasons for your action. The governor has the right to appoint anybody as SSA and commissioners so far it is to spread development across the state,” Amb Okpoyo explained.
While congratulating the President General of Oron Union on her new appointment, the elder statesman expressed the believe that the appointment would not only give her unhindered access to the governor but will also help her perform better certain things she would want to do for the overall benefit and development of Oro people.
He identified impatient as one of the major challenges facing youths in the area, adding that, rather than engage on issue based discourse on matters of development, they would resort to smear campaign against hard earned reputation of Oro people.
He called, therefore on all spirited individuals to support the President General of Oron Union to succeed in his new appointment for the benefit and development of Oro nation and Akwa Ibom State as a whole.

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