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Ibesikpo Asutan Transition Chairman Honours Association of Persons Living With Disabilities

... Salutes Them For Supporting Gov. Umo Eno, A.R.I.S.E Agenda

The Transition Committee Chairman of Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area, Hon. (Mrs) Akon Michael Asuquo, recently welcomed the Association of Persons Living With Disabilities from the Ibesikpo Asutan Chapter in a show of gratitude.

During the gathering on Monday, February 26, 2024, the council leader commended the disabled individuals in the community for their patriotism and unwavering support for the leadership of Pastor Umo Eno.

Hon. Mrs. Asuquo reiterated her commitment to maintaining regular communication with the group. She expressed joy in witnessing their improved well-being since their last meeting and gratitude for their support of government initiatives.

Association of Persons Living With Disabilities from the Ibesikpo Asutan
Hon. Akon Michael Asuquo gives a handshake to a physically challenged person.

“As promised in our previous meeting, our engagements will remain ongoing, and it warms my heart to witness the happiness reflected on your faces today.

“As your chairman and advocate, I urged your leader, Mr. Ime, to gather everyone for discussions and to extend my heartfelt thanks on behalf of our esteemed governor, Pastor Umo Eno.

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“Your support during the previous governorship election brought pride to both me and the governor. Our leader’s inclusive governance approach is exemplified by his appointment of one of your members as an aide.

“I encourage you to look beyond your physical challenges. Consider that it is by God’s grace that you are alive today. Despite adversities, find solace in the knowledge that God understands our struggles better than we do,” she encouraged the group.

Also present at the meeting, were the Transition Secretary, Hon. Elder Mfon Eka, and the Head of Service for Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area, Mr. Godwin Duff.

In response, Mr. Ime Benson, the Chairman of Persons Living With Disabilities (PWDs) in the Ibesikpo Asutan Chapter, expressed gratitude towards the Transition Chairman for her consistent concern for their well-being.

Reflecting on the challenges faced by the disabled community, Mr. Benson praised the chairman for valuing their input and providing them with a sense of belonging during their discussions.

“During our previous meeting, we prayed for you, a gesture that holds significant meaning for us. This marks the first instance in the history of this local government area where PWDs engage regularly with the Chairman.

“Madam Chairman, on behalf of all of us, I extend congratulations on your re-appointment and express our appreciation to the Governor for re-appointing you.

“We pledge our ongoing support to the association, His Excellency Pastor Umo Eno, and his A.R.I.S.E. agenda programmes. Despite the economic challenges facing our nation, we, as a resilient group sustained by faith, will continue to pray for you, the governor, and our nation, believing that our prayers will be answered,” he affirmed.

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