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ICPC To Track Constituency Projects Of Lawmakers


A one day town hall meeting on citizens’ roll in constituency projects monitoring has opened in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital.

Organized by ICPC in collaboration with the National Orientation Agency (NOA), the programmes with the theme My Constituency, My Project, drew participants from members of the general public, security agencies, political class and traditional rulers.

Welcoming participants to the forum, the state director of NOA, Mr. Eno Duff Uyoh, said that the programme was put together by the two Federal Government agencies to sensitize the public on the importance and needs to monitor constituency projects sited within their communities through the elected representatives.

He said as members of the communities with right to benefit from such constituency projects, they should take more interest in them.

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You must get involved by monitoring and tracking of all the constituency projects located within your local areas and also help by protecting the projects to ensure that quality works are done.”

In his keynote address, the Akwa Ibom State Director of ICPC, Mr. Shola Shodipo, said the commission has continued to carry out various sensitization activities to make the people know what it has been doing to fight corruption.

“Our public enlightenment effort centres on constituency and government projects in the communities and the role citizens have to play to make everyone benefit from the projects.

He said constituency projects are “projects that are selected by legislature and provided and budgeted for by government ministries and agencies for execution.

“So in our drive to stop graft in projects execution and as part of effort to fight corruption in different areas of our national life, ICPC recently launched constituency projects tracking group and working with partners went round 12 states of the Federation to track project whose contracts had been budgeted for and awarded.

“The exercise revealed a lot of wrong doings concerning how the contracts were carried out resulting in the people not benefiting from such projects.

For this reason, you beneficiaries need to show interest in selection, execution and use of such projects.
In other words you need to take ownership of projects for sustainability.”

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