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Niger Delta Ex-Militants Raise Alarm Over Plot To Oust Amnesty Boss

By Udoyo Oyosongo


The Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, RNDA, which is the coalition of the nine ex-militant groups that accepted the Federal Government ceasefire agreement, has sent a protest letter to President Muhammad Buhari over the alleged plot by some top politicians within the Presidency to remove the coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Professor Charles Dokubo.

The RNDA warned that the alleged plot against the management of the Presidential Amnesty Programme is already sending wrong signals to agitated youths of the Niger Delta region and provoking anger that may disrupt the peace achieved in the last few years in the region.

The RNDA, in a statement issued after an enlarged meeting held in Delta State and presided over by its leader, Johnmark Ezon Ebi also known as General Obama, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to call these identified Presidency officials to order and warn them against the ongoing unholy alliance and fraternity with the anti-Niger delta politicians lobbying at all cost for the removal of the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Amnesty Coordinator in other to be appointed to replace Professor Charles Dokubo.

The RNDA also threatened that it will resist such negative moves by any means necessary in totality and will hunt those behind such devilish moves with all the arsenal within their possession not minding the negative impact such action will have in the entire creek of the region: They added that because those who are behind the move are enemies to the peace and development of Niger Delta, more so are the true enemies to President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption fight in the country.

According to the group, ‘The Reformed Niger Delta Avengers RNDA with coalition of nine militant groups that accepted the ceasefire agreement for peace and dialogue in the creeks expressed shock that the same power drunk corrupt minded criminal personalities without any good track record without any knowledge on conflict resolution with low pedigree wants to take over the Amnesty programme.’

“This same people that even worked against President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 presidential election in their various wards and local government areas that collected huge amount of monies running into millions of naira from the Governor of Bayelsa State and that of Delta state that does not have any pedigree are trying to rear their ugly heads’

“And it is obvious that these categories of persons, who are professional liars and blackmailer’s are bent on deceiving the Presidential staff in the villa to get what they want just for their selfish purposes to work against President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption fight in this administration in other to divert the funds meant for the Amnesty programme into their pockets.

On the performance of the Presidential Amnesty Committee led by its coordinator, Professor Charles Dokubo, the coalition of militant group under the aegis of RNDA, commended the amnesty office for transforming the programme with creative innovations, ‘ including the restructured, reorganized and sanitized processes with prompt and regular payment of ex militants’ monthly stipends, proper training and empowerment schemes to include women in the rural areas who suffered most from the crises in the creek of Niger Delta.’

Dokubo, according to the group, should be commended for working tirelessly to transform the Amnesty programme,’ it is on record that Professor Charles Dokubo led amnesty programme has produced one of the best brains in different universities with first class degree both at home and in diaspora including first class pilots in the aviation industry.’

“Professor Charles Dokubo has properly utilized the little resources available to the office without any form diversion of funds and no money laundry case has established against him unlike his predecessors Kingsley KuKu who diverted billions of naira meant for the Amnesty program in foreign currencies in collaboration with Mr Allen Oyema the MD of air peace, and therefore Prof Charles Dokubo should be highly commendable for his transparency and working hard to transform the Amnesty program and to reorganized it to is original standard of establishment in 2009.’

“To this end, the RNDA will not fold it’s hands to allow these set of greedy, power drunk incompetent and unqualified fellows without any pedigree and corrupt minded personalities to take over the Amnesty programme to carry out their evil wicked, callous, nefarious, inhuman and corrupt prone magnetic forces with their evil agenda to hijack the amnesty programme into their pocket.’

“And any attempt to remove Professor Charles Dokubo from the Amnesty Office will only lead to collateral damage oil installations and facilities in the creek of Niger Delta will lead to another form of violence and crisis in the creek wish will cause a negative impact in the economy of the country we have warned and there will be no going back as enough is enough with playing politics with the Amnesty programme to the detriment of the people,” he said.

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