Obio/Akpor Council Chairman Scores Gov Wike Highly On Fight Against COVID-19

By Nuye Aaron

Amidst pressures warranted by the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, for which governments, organizations, individuals, groups, etc. are doing everything possible in their own way to check the virus, the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, has stood out as a colossus in championing the fight against the virus in Nigeria.
If there’s one person the governor’s proactiveness against the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on, that person is the Obio/Akpor LGA chairman, Hon Solomon Eke, who has taken service to the people to another level in the fight against the coronavirus.

Revealing his passion to be able to serve the people of Obio/Akpor as best as he could, Eke said, “I am in this position because I have made up my mind to make life easier and more meaningful for my people in my own small way”.

In fulfilment of this stance, the LG boss decided to carry the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic to another level, with a focus on how to keep key areas where people unavoidably gather, the police station and schools.
He found the answer to this in the provision of a Denmark-made sanitizer producing equipment, which uses water salt and light to manufacture chlorine, which is capable of disinfecting such public spaces as schools and Police stations.

“During our interactive and advocacy sessions for COVID-19, I stumbled onto this machine. When I was told what it does, I picked interest, because I have love for the people. Looking at how we can prevent this coronavirus from affecting the people greatly, I felt that targeting the public places will be a solution for Obio/Akpor LG”, he said.

This decision saw him purchase the machine and distribute to all public schools, health centres, and Police divisions in the LGA to ensure that such public places are regularly decontaminated.

The beauty of the machine, he explained, is that within a space of five minutes intervals, the equipment can produce chlorine as many times as required for the spaces to be disinfected.

“The way this equipment works is that it uses electricity: you put water in it to the graduated level, and also put salt to a graduated level. You then connect the machine to electricity, and let it mix and bubble for five minutes.

“After then, it is set for use”, he explained, adding that “if any organisation can partner us, we can extend it to not only other parts of Obio/Akpor, but also other parts of the state”.

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