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Attention AKROIMA 



The attention of the management of Akwa Ibom Roads and Other Infrastructure Maintenance Agency, AKROIMA, has been drawn to the potholes and dangerous spots on major roads in Uyo Capital City and its environs.  A typical case is the denigrating situation of the Aka Etinan Road/Idak Eyop Junction where potholes are fast cutting off access into the Atan Community thereby frustrating motorists plying the road.
Road users have been counting loses because of the adverse effect of this fast developing potholes. Unsuspecting road users whose vehicles run into this terrible potholes, are often thrown off balance, therefore creating accidents.
However, the efforts of AKROIMA in carrying out maintenance work as recently seen in some parts of Uyo and a section of Aka Etinan Road, though uncompleted is commendable. We wish that such effort be channelled to urgently repair this avoidable potholes that stare on the faces of motorists to avert accidents that may result to loss of life.
AKROIMA, please come to our aid.
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