Blueprint Of Brighter Future


In the last few weeks the Governor Udom Emmanuel Administration has intensified efforts in the realisation of mega projects designed to bring about an industrial revolution breakthrough in Akwa Ibom.

One of them, the Ibom Deep Seaport, widely seen as the mother of all projects envisaged to turn Akwa Ibom into an industrialized economy, received a boost of likely getting the final approval from the Federal Government early this month.

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Having been on the drawing board for almost a decade, the Governor Emmanuel Administration has quickened the necessary steps to bring it to fruition.

When completed, the port has the potentials of becoming the busiest in the Gulf of Guinea nay Nigeria. Its multiplier effects on the economy could best be imagined and that is why hopes of a brighter future for the people of Akwa Ibom State is rising to a crescendo.

As a visionary leader, Governor Emmanuel has painstakingly and persistently pursued the great dream to turn the Akwa Ibom economy into the largest in Nigeria in the near future.

As a people desirous of growing away from a civil service economy, Akwa Ibom has found the Moses in Governor Emmanuel who has been passionate in the drive for industrialisation.

Even at the height of the nation’s economic recession in 2016 to 2017, he was not deterred from pushing through his economic policy which made him the governor that attracted the highest direct foreign investments to Nigeria within the period.

His determined efforts to change the civil service economy is gradually paying off and as at the last count, about 16 industries have been established in Akwa Ibom through his efforts.

Perhaps the most significant of the projects that have been inaugurated is the Ibom Bluesea Industrial Park whose foundation was laid in December 2019. If completed, the industrial park being handled by a Chinese firm will become the hub of the envisaged industrial revolution.

Already, Akwa Ibom State is setting the pace as one of the fastest growing economies in Nigeria and if the vision of the Governor Emmanuel Administration comes to reality as it is going, then the narrative would have changed for the good of the people. For example, Akwa Ibom has become the first state to successfully run an airline in the country.

In terms of infrastructure, the network of roads has opened up the state and linked all parts together, turning it into one whole accessible entity.

After years of economic stagnation, the people of Akwa Ibom State, through good leaders of late, are gradually coming into prosperity and growth.

There is need to sustain the tempo of development in the state as being implemented by Governor Emmanuel.The Completion Agenda of his administration has already set the tone for the economic drive on which the future generation will build upon.

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