Completing The Completion Agenda



Akwa Ibom State Government has embarked on a lofty programme tagged ‘The Completion Agenda’ and as a result, expectations are high to see the full actualization of the Agenda or otherwise.


Perhaps for the first time since the creation of the state, a government has clearly listed its priority for the citizens to easily follow.


Unlike in the past when government programmes were bogus, unweildy, jumbled and difficult to decipher, this time around the Completion Agenda is explicit and easy to monitor and track.
The Agenda is predicated on 8- points namely industrialization, aviation, rural and riverine area development, security, infrastructure and economic diversification.


With the streamlining of government vision, it is now simple for any concerned citizen to follow through.


It provides a transparent platform on which the scorecard of this administration will be based.


By whittling down the usually bogus programme to an eight- point agenda, the Governor Emmanuel administration has shown that it is not biting more than it can chew.


With the citizens fully aware of the vision of this administration, they are bound to show patience, join hands to build and eventually score the administration at the end of its tenure, based on the Completion Agenda that by now is painstakingly made known to all.


There is no doubt that the Agenda has set Akwa Ibom on the path of sustainable development and it is therefore the desire of every citizen to see the success of the programme.


Already government is recording appreciable successes in some of the eight-points agenda such as in the areas of security, industrialization, aviation and infrastructural development that are visible for all to see and feel. But the full-scorecard is far from being written yet and that calls on the administration not to rest on its oars.

Neither should the administration allow itself to be distracted by the many hurdles and even booby traps on the way.
Pitfalls of the past had always shown how an administration can lose focus or derail from its goals as a result of the usual contentious issues of succession, where a lot of energies are dissipated at the expense of development goals.


We are happy that the Emmanuel administration has politely and subtly sounded a note of caution for government officials to refrain from the 2023 issues. Likewise has a governor of a neighbouring state read out the riot-act that no member of his cabinet should be involved in 2023 meetings. They are to steer clear of it.


This is 2020 and the issue of 2023 can wait for now. As for 2023 as the saying goes, ”We will cross the bridge when we get there’. So let it be. But for now, all hands must be on deck for the realization of Completion Agenda.


It is also understood by the Agenda that no projects started by the Governor Emmanuel Administration will be left uncompleted by 2023 at the expiration of its tenure.


Therefore, to achieve this great vision, the adminstration should lose no time to frivolities but work vigorously to deliver on the promises.


While we exceedingly commend the Akwa lbom State Government for taking the lead in the Nigeria’s aviation sector and for the peace in the state today, there are a number of ongoing projects that will finally determine the success or otherwise of the Governor Emmanuel administration by 2023.


To mention a few, Akwa Ibom people would want to see the completion of all the road dualization projects, completion of the 21 – storey intelligent building, expansion of Ibom Air fleet among others. Finally, we are pleased with the Completion Agenda so far and pray for its full completion by 2023.

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