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Buhari Remains Nigeria’s Hope says Prof Etim Udoh 


A former university Don and ex-resident electoral commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof Etim Udoh says the administration of Mohamadu Buhari will return Nigeria onto the path of growth and progress.
Udoh, a former Secretary to the Akwa Ibom State government during Col. Yakubu Bako’s administration highlighted that, the way and manner, the President piloted the nation out of self inflicted recession within one and half years remains a pointer to the glorious days awaiting Nigerians, courtesy of Buhari’s government.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Editors of the Crystal Express Newspapers in his country home, Udoh cited Buhari’s honesty and integrity as his biggest virtue.
According to him, “I knew Buhari when I was in Ahmadu Bello University and have discussed with him several times. He was quite  a young man then with passion for Nigeria’s progress. ‘When Buhari was sacked by Babangida and his life was spared, I knew he will one day bounce back as the leader of this country. I was personally praying for him. I don’t mind if Buhari is a conservative, he can remain so as long as he is honest and not corrupt and able to return the country to the good governance and progress especially with international recognition.,’, he said.
Prof Etim Udoh,  a onetime consultant to NYSC, also said he was never interested in voting in Nigeria’s elections until the coming of President Buhari “whose implementation of treasury single account rescued Nigeria’s Economy”
Udoh further explained, “It is unimaginable to end recession within one and half years. In Nigeria before now, we had monies of government in over 700 different accounts but were brought together into treasury single account (TSA). Only NNPC alone has about 30 accounts then, but the introduction  of TSA help government stand strong today, otherwise it would have been difficult to come out of that recession. I believe we are witnessing a different era under Buhari no matter his weaknesses and limitations”.
The former SSG maintained that the politicians have created more problems for the country and canvassed for a complete departure from the past if the country hopes to come out from her present predicaments.
“We have lawmakers who made so much money and claimed to be making laws. What kind of law? Look at Petroleum Industry Bill which has lingered for 14 years. That bill would have regulated the activities of the oil industry especially the multi-national companies. After all the meetings and wasted resources, the bill is still pending. I am not happy with Nigeria politics and politicians” he highlighted.
He further intoned, ‘God is with Nigeria and if we honestly build the country, it will turn into a place people will gladly go into politics for service. Most politicians we have today in Nigeria are not there for service. We need to pray to God for attitudinal change”.

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