By Ephraim Inyang-eyen



I have watched, listened, and read so many lies and false reports about the removal of Dr. Aniekeme Uwah, the former State epidemiologist.



At a time where the world has united for one purpose to fight coronavirus, which is now the new world order. No one knows where it will lead to. The World is witnessing global pandemic and panic at the same time. But decide to stage a war against ourselves.



If the removal of Dr. Aniekeme Uwah was wrong, does it, therefore, justify the lies on social media on his behalf?



Civil service allows anyone to be posted as the need arises. Does Dr. Uwah hold the key to solving the COVID-19 pandemic?



How come the radio station where these lies were told have distanced themselves and fired the anchorperson?



Why just after the redeployment of this deputy director everyone in Akwa Ibom is going to die because of COVID-19?



Finally, if all these happenings are true, why are they coming out only after the redeployment of the epidemiologist, Dr. Aniekeme Uwah?



I am therefore calling on all sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom state, well-meaning individuals, healthcare professionals, faith-based organizations, investors, visitors of the state, and political leaders to be careful of the lies peddled by enemies of States.



Faith above fear; This too shall pass away.

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