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DPR Goes Tough On Illegal Gas Plants, Shuts Down 42 Outlets In A’Ibom


The Department of Petroleum Resources has closed down 42 unregistered gas stations from January to February in Akwa Ibom State.

Briefing newsmen in Eket on Tuesday, the Operations Controller of Department of Petroleum Resources in the state, Tamunoiminabo Kingsley-Sundaye, said the illegal gas plants were sealed for what he described as unsafe practices exhibited by the operators.

Although, he did not mention any of the unsafe acts to warrant the clamp -down of their businesses, Kingsley-Sundaye advised landlords to stop giving shops to people who operate illegal gas stations in order to guard against destruction of lives and property.

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He noted that most of the illegal gas operators are out of the streets because they cannot meet up with the required operation standards recommended by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR).

“Those that are doing illegal refilling points, over-decorating their shops with nozzles without ventilation are visually off the streets of Akwa Ibom State.

“There are positive responses for resellers; if you are in Uyo mostly, you will see a good number of gas plant operators doing cylinder exchange instead of discounting, which is illegal and not required by any standard,” he said.

Kingsley-Sundaye noted that a good number of those operating illegal gas stations have left the business for other businesses because of stringent safety requirements, explaining that the department has enlightened the operators to understand that refilling gas cylinders is done at depots and not in shops on the streets.

“The good thing is that the market is not spreading again. We are trying to resolve the problems that have already been created by an increase,” stating that operators must ensure that their facilities are constructed, operated and maintained in accordance with approved technical standard.

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