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In this human world, the misery of humans can only be lifted by humans, who are courageous and conscientious enough to take real actions, instead of meekly hoping and praying for an illusory divine intervention.

~ Abhijit Naskar, Let The Poor Be Your God

Most often, we do see pictures on the news or perhaps even lived the scenes ourselves: a people who do not have decent place to lay their head, a people drenched in abject penury and saturated with feelings of despair and despondent hopes of having the wherewithal to care for themselves and those who dependent on them.

Yet, sometimes all it takes is one person to give them the help they need to make it through— like the man we will mirror today. He was so affected by the sad condition of some persons in his community that he immediately stepped up to lend a helping hand to widows, a cripple and those in need of source of livelihood—one stranger at a time.

Indeed, it is a truism that the above philosophy from Abhijit Naskar, the world’s famous Neuroscientists and an untiring advocate of global harmony and peace has defined the personality and actions of Emmanuel Nicholas popularly known as White Bombom.

The then Special Assistant to the Governor, noticed two widows who suffered because of the poor condition of the thatched house they lived. One of the widows, Madam Nko narrates her ordeal: ” My small hurt which was not even enough for me and my children was seriously deteriorating. Anytime it rained especially at night, we will have to forego sleep because our house was usually flooded. Since we were suffering for years, we lost hope. Little did we know hope was underway”.

Unlike many who would use their privileged positions to draw the attention of government to handle the project which sometimes the call may not be fruitful or other times delayed, Nicholas put into practice the charge found at Proverbs 3: 27 “Do not hold back good from those to whom it is owing, when it happens to be in the power of your hand to do it”.

Yes, Nicholas understood that it was within his powers to salvage the terrible condition of those widows, hence, on December 26, 2018 he immediately began building two three bedroom bungalows fully furnished with borehole water and generating set for the two distressed widows. Surprisingly, Emmanuel Nicholas did not want to take the glory on the imprints of the wall of the building. He donated the project to Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation Path initiative, FEYREP, a pet project of the First Lady, Deaconess Martha Udom Emmanuel to complement her Shelter for the Homeless programme of building homes for distressed widows across the State. Her Excellency commissioned the project on May 16, 2019 with Madam Nko Ekpe and Augusta Etim standing as beneficiaries.

To target widows who are in dire need, Nicholas as a Christian has endeavoured to bring to fore with his actions the manifestation of the admonition found in the Bible account of James 1: 27 which states that ” The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation”.

But caring for the needs of widows is not the only beneficent deeds that defines Emmanuel Nicholas. Nicholas is very much interested in making youths become financially independent. That is the reason he also gave out 11 motorcycles and three mini buses to the youths of Uruan so that they can utilize it for commercial purposes and sustain themselves and their family.

In a clime where several millionaires who are blessed with more money than they know what to do with and will rather keep it to themselves than give it away, the Wife of the Governor who commissioned the vehicles doled out alongside with houses for the widows described the altruistic adventure from Nicholas as an act worthy of emulation by many.

She said ” I commend you for building for widows and also empowering the youths. I am happy that you choose to teach your people how to fish than give them fish always. For giving these youths means of livelihood, you are taking them out of the street and giving them courage to stand on their own.

” You are not a billionaire, but for you to have done this, it shows you have a heart of love. This shows that It is not until you have so much before you give out. The little God blesses you with, use that to bless others. That is exactly what he has done today. ”

But there is something exquisitely phenomenal about Nicholas’ personality in charity endeavour. It may interest one to know that his act of benevolence did not commence only when he held position in government. Nicholas started giving back to the people even when he was in engaging in personal businesses.

How encouraging it is that for 10 years running, annually , especially in December, Nicholas makes it a tradition to fete the aged and widows from his community, Central Uruan, Ward 3. During these whoopee and merrymaking occasions, he ensures 100 wrappers are given out to the aged with last year witnessing increment to 200 wrappers and 500 bags pf 25kg Rice annually to the widows

What is more, besides his traditional way of doling out largesse to persons in need of children school fees among other sundry needs, in 2018, Nicholas kick-started a structural policy of empowering 20 enterprising women with N50,000 for their petty businesses.

Despite these impressive effort in uplifting persons in need, Nicholas has moved a step further outside his immediate community by identifying communities challenges and addressing same. How heartwarming it is to note that this Crowned Prince of Uruan Inyang Atakpo has provided 2 portable water projects in Nung Oku Uruan .

Emmanuel Nicholas has not stopped his philanthropic deeds? His recent decision to undertake the building of another 3 bedroom bungalow which is at the roofing stage at Ibiaku Uruan, Northern Uruan Ward 2 for a physically challenged father of 6 .

This offers convincing indication about the true personality and motives of Emmanuel Nicholas in his humanitarian actions. Indeed, a good heart embellished with genuine love for humanity is the driving force.

White Bom Bom as he is fondly called had also donated three SUV to three Clergymen to grant mobility in the spreading of gospel of Jesus Christ .

Just as the famous Author Martin Ugwu has postulated that ” A gift that touches the heart ignites the soul with flames of passion”, beneficiaries of Nicholas’s humanitarian acts have been passionate over his generous acts and have prayed for God’s continuous blessings upon him to encourage him not to tire out.

It is indeed the wishes of many that the prayers the Wife of the Governor who witnessed these outstanding act of kindness poured on him come to fruition.

She declared ” Since you have the heart to do this, God will bless you with money so that you can do more and your generation will not lack.” For a certainty, the earnest prayers of Deaconess Martha Emmanuel is in line with God’s design for generous men found at Proverbs 22:9 which states that: ” The generous person will be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.”

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