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Entrepreneur Doles Out JAMB Forms For 50 Indigent Students, Recalls Difficulties As Teenager

An Akwa Ibom State-based entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of Otiz Keepers, Mrs. Ngozichukwu Etuk, has pledged to buy 50 JAMB forms for 50 indigent students to mark her 2024 birthday.

 Etuk, a human resources expert and philanthropist, disclosed this in a public statement, a copy of which was made available to our correspondent on Wednesday.

Tagged “Celebrating My Birthday with Purpose,” Etuk said, “As I reflect on the journey of my life, I am reminded of the countless blessings and opportunities that have come my way. Yet, amidst the celebrations, there’s a poignant chapter in my story that fuels my desire to give back.”

She recalled, “24 years ago, exactly at this time of the year, it was already a year and 8 months since finishing secondary school. I found myself standing on the precipice of despair, staring at the closed doors of opportunity because my parents couldn’t afford to register me for the JAMB exams, which was N1,200 at the time and was closing in a few days. The weight of poverty threatened to shatter my dreams of a university education. With only 600 naira saved from a meagre job, the reality of my circumstances seemed insurmountable.

“But in the darkest hour of my despair, a ray of hope emerged. Dave Bassey, a guardian angel in human form, stepped into my life and lifted the burden from my shoulders by registering me for the JAMB exams. That act of kindness became the catalyst for my journey to higher education.”

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Etuk further highlighted, “Yet, the challenges didn’t end there. Financial struggles continued to plague my path while in school, threatening to derail my aspirations. It was through the timely intervention of Mr. Bello that I found the support needed to pursue my dreams further into my second year at the university.

“These experiences have etched in my heart an unwavering commitment to extend a helping hand to those facing similar struggles.”

She averred, “Today, still on the occasion of my birthday, I am humbled and grateful to announce that I will be gifting 50 JAMB examination registrations to deserving young people who, like me, may be hindered by financial constraints.

“I understand firsthand the impact that education can have on transforming lives, and I am deeply passionate about creating opportunities for others to realise their potential. Through this initiative, I hope to not only alleviate the burden of financial barriers but also ignite the flames of hope and possibility in the hearts of these young individuals.

“For any young person to be considered for this gift, I invite them to share their stories on social media, using the hashtag #JAMBforHope. They tell us about their aspirations, their challenges, and why this opportunity would mean the world to them. Then, go ahead and click on the application link below to complete their application for the free JAMB registration.

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“Together, let us spread the message of empowerment and opportunity.

“Thank you for joining me on this journey of purpose and possibility. Together, let us create a world where dreams know no bounds and every heart is filled with hope.”

 “In addition to this initiative, I also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to Otiz Keepers, my HR service company dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering inclusive workplaces. As the HR maven, I am committed to revolutionising the HR space and championing a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.”

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