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Gov Emmanuel a promise keeper – Bassey Inuaeyen

*says patriotism among citizens will bring success



Joseph Atainyang, Uyo

The Chancellor of Ibom Patriots, Obong Bassey Inuaeyen has described the Akwa Ibom State governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel as a promise keeper who never fails to deliver on his spoken words.

Obong Inuaeyen said the governor was steadily delivering on his industrialization policy and would certainly take it to a logical conclusion by the end of his administration in 2023.



Speaking with newsmen in Uyo, the Chancellor stated that Akwa Ibom people were satisfied with the governor’s industrialization strides before reelecting him in 2019.



“He will take the industrialization policy to a logical conclusion. I do also expect him to do more roads. As a person, I hope that my area will also benefit from his road construction and maintenance policy.



“The governor made a promise when he came for my mothers burial. He promised to construct the Mbiabong-Nkari Road. So, I anticipate his fulfilment of that promise before the expiration of his tenure in 2023.”

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“I do know he is a man that keeps to his promise. Many people are expecting one thing or the other from the governor. Paucity of funds has really affected his speed of development. But we strongly hope that he will do his best to put smiles on the faces of all Akwa Ibom people.



“Debt servicing is an essential component of the activity of this government. So, the governor is also servicing debt. As a prudent financial manager, he is conscious of not leaving behind a huge debt for his successor. So, we are confident in his financial management strategy”, he explained.



Obong Inuaeyen who condemned talks on the 2023 general election, said it was “too early and a major distraction”. I want everybody to allow this government to function. That’s my position as far as this matter is concerned,” he said.



The Chancellor who dispelled rumours that the Ibibios, the major ethic group in the state, would perpetually cleave to power, no matter which senatorial zone it got to, noted that equity demanded justice and fairness and that all ethnic colouration within the state would certainly have their share of the hilltop mansion, no matter how long it took.



“The Ibibios cannot hijack power as people think. I also want to sit down one day and see an Oron person serving as governor of this state. There is a saying that he who goes to equity must go with clean hands.”



The Ibom Patriots which birthed in 2017, the Chancellor said, had been concerned with the governor’s reelection and propagation of Akwa Ibom interests, through constructive engagements with relevant federal and state government agencies to enhance political, economic and infrastructural development in the state.



He pointed out that having achieved the first aim with the governor’s second coming, the group, made up of knowledgeable elder statesmen selected from all sections of the state, was currently using persuasive memos to engage government bodies to ensure acceptable spread of development across the state.


He called on all Akwa Ibomites to show patriotism and constructive criticism so they could fairly support the completion agenda of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

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