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Gov Emmanuel Wants Stakeholders To Steer Clear Of 2023 Politics


Desirous of keeping the ship of the state in focus to galvanize and deliver more dividends of democracy to the  people of Akwa Ibom State, Governor Udom Emmanuel has advised stakeholders within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to stay clear of 2023 succession politics.
The Governor’s message was delivered via his Special Adviser on Political and Legislative Affairs, Pastor Sunny Ibuot during an exclusive interview with Crystal Express in his office recently.
‘The truth is that Governor Udom Emmanuel does not want to be distracted by those having their eyes on 2023. He wants to concentrate as well as for those directly working with him and others, in whatever capacities, to concentrate and carry out their responsibilities rather than being swayed by political inclinations,’ he said.
According to the Special Adviser, “Officially, the government has advised stakeholders to steer clear of 2023 politics for now and concentrate on governance and delivering dividends of democracy to the people. We have just finished elections and the people are looking forward to enhanced social amenities and welfare which is the focus of the government for now.”
However, Pastor Ibuot explained that the government’s position has nothing to do with people outside the realms of government. “If persons outside direct control of government decide to pre-occupy themselves with 2023, it is part of their freedom as it is enshrined in the constitution which is freedom to express their opinions and which nobody can stop them from doing,” he stated.
 Ibuot who noted that what is playing out is normal since government cannot control the thinking of the people, described the state governor as a blessing to Akwa Ibom State and  a father of all.
In his words, “Governor Emmanuel is a blessing to Akwa Ibom State as far as the reinvention of the state is concerned. This is one governor who trusts so much in God and God alone. Before his coming, some didn’t believe that one can climb to such heights in life without worshipping other gods. But he has come to prove that God is sufficient in all things.”
He further highlighted, “I have seen the governor to be father of all; never an ethnic bigot. He carries everybody along including every segment of the state. He is a true version of a statesman, who sees the collective interests of the state as paramount. Therefore, he will be remembered in the annals of history of the state as one who came and did the impossible as far as they state is concerned.
Ibuot said Gov Emmanuel came with a vision to develop and make Akwa Ibom a destination so that any foreign investor that visits the country without coming to Akwa Ibom will feel unfulfilled.
Commenting on some of the ongoing projects, he said, “Look at the Ibom Deep Seaport; this is one project that will turn around the economic fortunes of the state. The project will open the state to the world and this government will leave no stone unturned to ensure its success.”
The special adviser lauded Gov Emmanuel’s strides in industrializing the state, the feat recorded in the power sector, the massive road construction across the state and the invention of the Dakkada philosophy which has spurred the youths and the majority of citizens to aspire towards self-reliance and greatness.

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