I Can’t Guarantee Osimhen Stay –Galtier


Lille Coach, Christophe Galtier can’t guarantee Victor Osimhen staying over the summer.

With the likes of Barcelona and Liverpool following the Nigeria striker, Galtier accepted they have a battle on their hands keeping hold of the player.

He explained: “Victor brings the carelessness and generosity of youth, as well as his ambition.

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“We know his career, he works a lot. He is full of energy, of enthusiasm. He wants to make a big end of the season, he is thirsty for goals. Victor said he wanted to stay here next season. He’s a sincere boy, he’s happy here. He is appreciated, adored by supporters.

“Afterwards, if in a few weeks big teams arrive with an interest in him, he will be forced to listen. This is the logic of things.”

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