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New Trend Of Criminality Emerges In Uyo



While the state government has not reneged in its effort to stem the tide of insecurity in the state and curtail the activities of hoodlums within the state capital and beyond, the criminals, instead of giving up on their evil trade and turning a new leaf, have equally deviced  new strategies and means to carryout their nefarious activities.
Currently, the hoodlums whose stock in trade is to steal, kill and destroy,  have not only disguised themselves as taxi drivers but have also spread their activities to some known illegal loading points within Uyo capital city.
For instance, passengers travelling to Eket who for whatever reasons choose to board vehicles from Aka Road by IBB junction are usually the soft targets.
The thieves would pick up passengers on the spots and on getting to lonely location, would divert the vehicle, and terminate the journey halfway, rob all passengers on board and even rape some. Security agents and general public should please take note of this new development.
However, for purposes of documentation and easy identification of perpetrators of such unwholesome and criminal practice, passengers should rather go to the designated motor parks and board vehicles that would safely take them to their expected destinations.
Gabriel Uko

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