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Ogoni Youths Pledge Support For Oil Resumption in Ogoni Land.

By Vannessa Eddie



The Ogoni Oil Producing Community Youth Forum (OOPCYF), has pledged to support genuine efforts geared towards oil resumption in Ogoni land as it will boost economic activities, greater youth engagement and empowerment in the area.

This was the resolution of the organization after an emergency Congress.

Speaking through the President of the organization, Engr. Barituka Loanyie, OOPCYF maintained that only companies that will be ready to protect the interest of oil producing communities will get their support.

The youth leader who made it clear that supporting resumption of oil activities in Ogoni land does not translate to endorsing any company, advised that any company interested in oil exploration in Ogoni should consult with the Ogoni people

He also called on all Ogoni stakeholders and every strata of leadership to work together in order not to bring to vanity the many sacrifices of past heroes’ struggles, particularly the late Ken Saro Wiwa, pointing out that time has come for all Ogonis to place Ogoni interest first.

“You may recall that Ogoni Land, like other parts of the Niger Delta where oil was discovered, has its fair share of misery tale, as a result of the irresponsibility of the Nigerian State; as well as the insensitivity of multi-national oil companies operating in the area,” he said.

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