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OOPCYF Expresses Dissatifaction With Ogoni Clean – up Exercise

By Vannessa Eddie


The Ogoni Oil Producing Community Youth Forum (OOPCYF) has joined voice with all well- meaning Ogonis to say that it is not satisfied with the handling of the clean-up exercise so far.

The president of the organization, Engr. Barituka Loanyia, disclosed this while feilding questions from Crystal Express on the activities of HYPREP in Ogoniland.

He called on the management of HYPREP to without delay, reconsider strategy and ensure that the key recommendations stipulated in UNEP’s Report are being followed, especially the provisions of potable drinking water for our people.

“The lives of those who have been impacted negatively, by several oil spills and other environmental threatening situations in Ogoniland are still begging for attention.

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We are also calling on all critical stakeholders in Ogoniland to prevail upon Hyprep to do what is right by ensuring that core issues of concern affecting the on-going clean-up exercise are being addressed”, he said.

The president of Ogoni Oil Producing Community Youth Forum also assured all Ogonis of the organization’s determined resolve to sincerely pursue environmental justice for the land. It would be recalled that Ogoni is among the communities in Niger Delta that has been adversely impacted by oil exploration and exploitation.

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