Tar Frank Oko Street In Mbierebe Obio



May I draw the attention of both the Akwa Ibom State Government and the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to the need to construct Frank Oko Street in Mbiere Obio in the Uyo Capital City.
T he street is a major artery running through this great community and neighbourhood in the capital city.
Surprisingly there is no tarred street in in Mbiere Obio for now in spite of it located as an artery of the Goodluck Jonathan Boulevard. Moreover there is a school situated on the street which means it daily witnesses heavy traffic.
But the street is now deplorable and dotted all over with craters and pools of water users have to painstakingly pass through all year round.
The Akwa Ibom government and the NDDC have tarred several streets in the capital city of late and I thought at least one road in the community would have been considered for tarring.
Eno Akpan

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