The Monstrous Claws Of COVID – 19

By Enyieting Nelson


The outbreak of Corona virus disease otherwise known as Covid-19 in a small city of Wuhan in China sometime in November, 2019, which many thought was a child’s play has gradually spread it monstrous and dreaded presence in virtually all nations of the world, with humans as its main target, leaving a disastrous toll on the global economy.


Within few months of its outbreak, Covid-19 has dominated world discourse more than any other infectious disease particularly because of the rapidity of its spread and the fatality rate. Human population in Wuhan, China was seriously affected, raising concern that it would wipe out the populace as a result of the dreaded pandemic.


Available data have shown that corona virus disease has successfully crisscrossed virtually all continents of the world, using humans, the known main carrier as its vessels; though its further spread from one place to the other could be avoidable.


Today, a larger number of countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa have had its fair share of this pandemic with a skyrocketing data churned out daily as confirmed number of persons infected with covid-19 with a rising death toll.


One significant lesson yet worrisome about the corona virus pandemic is that the disease would usually come in with a sweeping speed; one infected person could infect as many people he or she may have had close contact with, simply due to its highly infectious nature.


In Europe for instance, Italy is said to have recorded the highest number of death toll of 12,428 from the deadly Covid-19 in less than one month. Shockingly in North America, the United States of America has presently overtaken both China in recording the highest number of confirmed cases of the virus with 187,729 within a month.


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What is more, since Covid-19 is not a respecter of persons, Africa has gradually recorded some increased presence of the virus which available report indicates that South Africa is presently battling with 1353 confirmed cases of the virus, the highest figure in the continent, with nine deaths recorded so far.


Today, Covid-19 is feared by even the supposed world powers because it’s not a respecter of political, economic, social status, or colour.


Even Nigeria; the giant of Africa, is not left out from the growing negative impact of this global pandemic, although with minimal adverse effect with 151 confirmed cases as at Wednesday, April 1, 2020.


Many experts in Nigeria believe that the corona virus disease could gradually wipe off human race and destroy global economy if not properly checked, hence the need to commend the effort of President Muhammadu Buhari in rising to the occasion with different proactive measure to address the issue of Covid-19 pandemic holistically, not leaving any stone unturned.


Many palliative measures from high spirited groups, corporate entities and individuals across the country is worth applauding.


The world is presently experiencing total lock down, adopting several strategies; although reactive, to curb further spread of the dreaded disease, and Nigeria being a global community in this regard, is not left out in fashioning out the best and possible ways to tackle Covid-19 in the country, since the first case was reported on February 28, 2020.


Notwithstanding the preventive measures adopted by the Federal government, the disease has continued to spread its tentacles across the different States of the federation with Lagos being the worst hit with the highest confirmed case of 132.


With the closure of borders, stay at home order declared by both Federal and States government as well as total lock down strategies with total compliance and cooperation from the citizens, it is believed that Covid-19 scourge will be drastically reduced.


The government of the 36 States of the Federation and the FCT, are not equally resting on it oars, but rather, different orders, measures and strategies have been put in place in a bid to not only control further spread but educate the general public on the possible signs, symptoms associated with the disease as the numbers of affected cases have continued to increased exponentially.


The role of all citizens in the current fight against this dreaded pandemic called Covid-19 and its biting effects on both human lives and the country’s economy cannot be overemphasized.

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