The Oldies Are Returning Mike Tyson 53, Evander Holyfield 57, Bash Ali 63, Klitschko 40 Plan Boxing Comeback



What’s trending today in the world of boxing is the series of announcement by retired boxers of their plans to return to the ring.


Notable among them are former world heavyweight champions Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.


Tyson is 53 years and Holyfield is 57.
The two who fought twice in the 90s have agreed to fight again in what they call an exhibition match for charity.


Even Nigerian’s Bash Ali who is 63 is now on a mission to become the Guinness Book of Record’s oldest active boxer
Ali, who in 1985 became the first World Boxing Federation (WBF) cruiser weight champion from Africa, is embarking on a project to become the first oldest man to win a world title at 63years. He is now canvassing for a promoter.


He has vowed to stage the fight in October even if the government does not support it.


Meanwhile, Tyson has returned to the gym and recently shared a clip on Instagram of his training session.


History has been replete with cases of retired boxers coming back to the ring. But what is trending now is that many of them are coming back when they have passed their youth.


George Foreman, a former heavyweight, retired at the age of 28 but staged a comeback at 38 and scored a 24-winning streak. He fought till the age of 48 and won a world title again.


Among the latest to announce come-back plans are Nigel Benn at 55 and was due to have fought last November but was postponed due to an injury he sustained in training.


There are also speculations that Wladmir Klitschko, Floyd Mayweather, and a host of others will come out of retirements sooner than later.

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