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By Imo Ben

God has a special gift for everyone to fulfil His purpose on earth. Although some do not easily recognise theirs or abandon to seek for what is not theirs due to greed or envy of another man’s gift, Obong Bassey Albert popularly called OBA seems to know what his gift and the purpose to fulfil.

There are indications that he knew early enough that his gift is selfless service to humanity through an act of benevolent leadership. And from his track records so far there is no doubt that he is on a rescue mission through political engagement.

This is why at the youthful age of 32, his leadership qualities, love for humanity and benevolence to the underprivileged were easily noticed and that caused him to be drafted into politics to add momentum to what he had been doing already as a banker.

And since 2007 when he was appointed the commissioner for finance, OBA has been following this path of selfless service faithfully over the years to fulfil his destined purpose.

In displaying that his gift is not pretentious but a nature’s endowment, his attitude and philosophy in politics are remarkably different from what is practised by most egoistic, selfish and self-centred leaders.

His lifestyle is uniquely different in terms of benevolence to the masses, charitable contributions towards development and willingness to shoulder the burdens of the people without rendering untenable excuses. The charismatic and sociable politician has an excellent relationship with people of all classes and accords them unbiased and non-discriminatory attention.

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He is a detribalised personality that people from Ibibio, Annang, Oro, Ekid, Obolo and others nationalities receive the same consideration in his show of benevolence and other dealings as expected of a nationalistic, dependable and patriotic leader. Therefore, when OBA takes charge of Akwa Ibom’s leadership, everyone should rest assured of equity and fairness in his dealings.

Indeed, OBA has exhibited rare kindness and generosity to the extent that he is a name synonymous with the act of giving. The electorate now uses him as a scale to measure the benevolent acts of other politicians in Akwa Ibom State.

As a purpose-driven politician, Senator Akpan is not weary of his charitable contributions as he keeps raising the stakes so much that none of those aspiring to be the next governor can be compared to him as far as distribution of goodwill is the yardstick for consideration. Furthermore, he is entirely in a class of his own in maintaining a robust relationship with the masses.

This a man, who has about 480 students in higher institutions on his scholarship list, so far, with full tuition and cash allowances every term. Many of them have already come out in flying colours, some with first-class degrees, and are gainfully employed.

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This scholarship has nothing to do with the many families whose children’s fees in private secondary and primary schools are settled consistently by the senator. This demand is much but he never complains as he keeps rendering selfless sacrifices to meet the needs of others.

As a youth-friendly politician, through his financial assistance, many youths have established businesses and are self-sufficient, instead of looking roaming in search of non-existent jobs in a state where 60% of “Keke” riders and motorcyclists are unemployed graduates. The unemployment statistics are saddening.

Nevertheless, OBA has, over the years, through recommendations facilitated many employments in various organizations, establishments and agencies of the Federal Government. He keeps doing so aggressively for many qualified youths without making noise as some do.

The capacity-packed representative has empowered so many people in various ways to acquire different skills and provided them with equipment to start up their trades in fulfilment of his destined mission of uplifting the vulnerable ones. By doing this he has positively changed the fortunes of many families.

To further magnify his youth development initiatives, OBA has built a one-stop skills training and event centre to provide a free facility and venue for hosting any productive seminar, training, workshop, sports and social occasions at Ifa Ikot Akpan in Uyo, the capital city. This is a novel project in the state.

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Who else currently contesting the prime position of the governor in 2023 has bought and gifted over 400 vehicles to people? Only OBA has done so either to boost businesses, as appreciation, or in acknowledgement for remarkable performance in professions, etc. There is no match to OBA when it comes to people-centeredness, youth friendliness and sincere benevolence.

Sen. Bassey Albert Akpan is not amongst the deceitful aspirants who have suddenly started with Greek gifts to snap pictures for image laundering purposes. His benevolence, accessibility to the people and responsiveness is a natural lifestyle that is proven.

Unlike the ego-driven and proud politicians who snub the youths as pests, OBA is a compassionate friend to the physically challenged youth, the poor, and the rejected and desolate ones. He embraces all and sundry, which is why the oppressive elite class is not comfortable with his populist leadership approach. They know youths under his leadership will be better treated to rise to greater heights and escape their current deplorable social status.

But to enlarge the scope of his benevolence and charitable acts to impact on the entire citizens, especially the underprivileged ones, he needs to be on the Governorship seat in 2023. This is very important because considering the present leadership mishap, OBA’s quest is a rescue mission, and the time is now to liberate the masses out of the bondage of poverty.

Though there are battles to stop the liberation mission, those who see beyond the physical know that because of OBA’s good intentions for the Akwa Ibom people, angels are fighting their battles like they always do for destined leaders. For sure, OBA is destined and ready to be of more service to humanity, especially the poor, oppressed, underprivileged and challenged ones.

This is why from the day OBA glorified God through organised “thanksgiving service” service, angels were released to take over his aspiration. What else can explain why billions of Akwa Ibom people’s commonwealth sunk into schemes to discredit OBA and end up wasted, without achieving any tangible purpose. Rather, the more plots embarked on by the enemies, the more confusion in their camp, while OBA keeps growing in popularity and acceptability. Like builders of the Tower of Babel, OBA’s opponents continue to speak and act now in uncoordinated ways. They are so confused that they use God’s name in vain.

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