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A’Ibom Warns Against Breach Of Child Rights Law, Female Genital Mutilation, Baby Factory


Determined to ensure effective implementation of the already domesticated child Right law in Akwa Ibom State, the state government has called for collaboration among stakeholders to ensure its success in the state.

The state commissioner for Agriculture, women Affairs and Social Welfare, Dr. Glory Edet who stated this during an exclusive interview with Crystal Express in her office warns that anybody caught abusing children in any guise will be prosecuted.

She also warned against families indulging in female genital mutilations as it has been outlawed, stressing that anybody caught engaging in baby factory business will go to jail.

According to the Commissioner, “The implementation of child rights law is a collective responsibility. Child labour is a serious crime against Child Rights and government frowns seriously at offenders. If you accuse your child or step child of being a witch, we will charge you to court. In some cases we invite the person involved, warn and inform them of the consequences.

“Even in the way you discipline your children, if you inflict injuries or serious harm in the name of disciplining your children, we will charge the person to court. One person was brought here some time ago for using hot pressing iron on a child, saying that he was disciplining him but that was clearly child abuse”.

“We encourage parents to discipline their kids properly but not with objects like rods and machetes which is total abuse and if you do it, no matter who you are, we will come after you. Some will apologise and claim ignorance but you know that ignorance is no excuse before the law.”

Narrating her personal encounter with victims, the Commissioner explained,” Sometimes, I go as a private person along with one staff in a private car around Itam Market area and ask one of them to help me carry my goods and in the process engaged them in conversation. Then you hear pathetic stories. One of them told us that her step mother brought and dumped him at Itam Junction asking him to remain there because government will come and take care of him.”

Dr. Edet further highlighted, “Some said the step mothers labelled them witches brought and abandoned them here when their fathers had gone to work. That is why we also carry out sensitization because nobody knows tomorrow and who will turn out to be the “Joseph” of the family”.

Speaking on female genital mutilation, the commissioner warns,” Again I want to tell you that female circumcision is against the law and if you are caught involving in female genital mutilation, we will charge you straight to court. Our law discourages such acts and I have been encouraging people to feel free and pass this information to us with the assurances of confidentiality.”

Speaking on some maternity homes alleged involvement in trafficking and selling of babies, Dr Edet who frowns at such act appealed for vital information from the public to her Ministry for immediate intervention.

In her words, “We are appealing to the general public that anybody who knows those dealing in the sales of children or operating baby factory should draw our attention immediately. We have closed down many maternity homes and works in synergy with security agencies on this issue. Once we get information on any hospital or maternity home involvement, we send security agencies after them, close it down and arrest all those involved.

“There was one in Ikot Ekpene and the woman who was arrested is still in prison custody. We had one around Abak/Oruk Anam axis and we shut down the place. Once we storm there we evacuate all children found there. We are appealing to the public, if you know anybody operating baby factory please let us just know the address. We guarantee your confidentiality.”

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