Can Joshua Reclaim His Titles From Andy Ruiz?


On June 1 last year, Anthony Joshua lost his three boxing heavyweight belts to a less fancied Andy Ruiz Jr in New York. It was a shock defeat and one of the greatest upsets in boxing history.

But on Saturday, December 7 Joshua will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to reclaim his WBA, WBO, IBF and titles, while Ruiz has boasted he will beat Joshua a second time.
Therefore, on Saturday the world will converge on the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh for what is dubbed: Rumble in the Dessert”.

The fight is almost similar to the great “Rumble in the Jungle” of 1974 when Mohammed Ali challenged George Foreman in far away Kinshasa, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo).
Just like “Rumble in the jungle” where Ali went in to reclaim his heavyweight title, the “Rumble in the Desert” is about Joshua attempting to regain his four lost belts.

Again the interesting similaritiy about the two “Rumbles” is that both were lucrative heavyweight bouts staged in far away remote venues away from the glitz of Europe and America and from the usual boxing capitals of the world.
Saudi Arabia has never hosted a boxing event as big as it would do on Saturday. Likewise did Kinshasa never played host before then to any sporting event as big as the rumbling.

Of the two fighters, Joshua is most likely the one under pressure to win and he is aware this would be his last chance to rewrite his golden his.
Indeed his first and only ever boxing loss has been disrespectfully viewed as a fluke of victory by Ruiz. Joshua lost in the seventh council to Ruiz but has vowed to get back to winning ways.

Many sporting pundits are backing Joshua to win. Among them is Wladimir klitschko was a heavyweight champion for almost a decade until dethroned by British heavyweight Tyson Fury and thereafter retired after losing to Joshua.

There is no doubt that Joshua is the people’s darling. Many would just love his cool-headedness.
While fewer people are talking in favour of Ruiz, the American who fights under Mexican flag, cannot be written off.

Before the first bout, all focus was on the flabby, rotund shape of Ruiz in comparison with the athletic and cherished Joshua.
In the end, Ruiz got the last laugh after putting Joshua on the canvas.

Ruiz still poses a challenge. Maybe he has no much to lose should the belts be taken from him, but Joshua’s career is all at stake.

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