Nigeria: An Enigma At 59


Nigeria is today celebrating its 59th Independence Anniversary while still grappling with teething problems that are rocking the nation to its very foundation.
Though naturally endowed, Nigeria remains a sleeping giant and is yet to fully rise to greatness. While It is the envy of many other nations in the African Continent, Nigerians believe their nation is still an under-achiever.
Nigeria’s dilemma is self- inflicted especially through the massive corruption the leadership & followership keep perpetrating against the nation. In other words, Nigeria is a nation that shoots itself in the foot.
The uncontrollable level of corruption has in turn precipitated other problems such as ethnic & religious conflicts all of which have continued to shake the fabric of the nation.
With all these attendant problems and to borrow the words of former Head of State Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria would have disintegrated by now but for God.
Nigerians are good at the blame game when bemoaning the State-of- the -Nation. But the truth is that almost every Nigerian has ripped-off Nigeria.
Perhaps an era will come when every Nigerian will have to answer this simple question: How did you make your money?
Almost every elite member of the society is involved in one form of corruption or the other. At the end of the day the aggregate acts of unpatriotism has left Nigeria floundering.
Perhaps the most obvious effects of the nation’s endemic corruption is lack of electricity and collapse of public utilities.
At 59 it is quite a surprise that Nigeria cannot boast of steady power supply. This is the shame of a nation. In fact the magnitude of public utilities collapse is such that every household has learnt to privately provide them to exist.
In the face of all these ever growing problems, it is therefore not a surprise about the rising cacophony of voices for the break-up of the country and for components of the nation to part ways. Many have variously described Nigeria as artificial and a union of strange bedfellows that can never work.
Critics are ever quick to point out that the1914 Amalgamation was a great error that is the bedrock of today’s national instability.
But all said and done, Nigeria remains an indivisible nation in spite of the bitter agitations and disunity calls. Indeed, Nigeria seems a special project put together by God for a divine purpose. Were it not so, it would have disintegrated long ago.
Therefore Nigeria is an enigma that grows stronger in diversity, a phoenix bird that rises from its ashes. Perhaps the never-say-die spirit of its citizenry keeps the nation going. The country is resilient in nature and its people full of perseverance.
There is no doubt that the nation has abundance of positives to build on and be proud of. In spite of the glaring set-backs, Nigeria’s greatness cannot be waved away with the back of the hand. It remains the largest economy, democracy and most populous in Africa.
Despite being almost milked dry by its own very citizens, the nation’s economy has survived the vagaries and reclaims top spot in Africa with potentials to sustain growth.
A big plus at 59 is the fledgling democracy that has taken root. After past failures at democracy, Nigeria is now on course with an unbroken record since 1999. In fact the United Nations strongly believes that the growth of democracy in Nigeria will rub-off positively on the rest of Africa and the Developing World.
The nation has continued to achieve global impact in the many fields of commerce, industry, agriculture, sports and entertainment among others. Nigeria is a nation blessed with potentials.
Therefore, Nigerians should not despair as the nation celebrates at 59 but rather resolve to be more resolute in making the nation great again. The lingering insecurity and banditry, particularly Islamist insurgency, should not be enough for Nigerians to lose faith in the nation and government. Nigeria is an overcomer.
Making Nigeria great again behoves on everyone to join the fight against corruption and partisanship. Nigeria must be made great again.

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