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Eteidung Anietie Edem Emerges Village Head-elect For Nung Oku Ibesikpo

Nung Oku Community in Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State has selected Pastor Anietie Okon Edem as the new village head to fill the vacant stool created by the demise of Eteidung Clement Ekeng.

Already, the selection of Eteidung Anietie Okon Edem has been ratified by the Ibesikpo Asutan Traditional Rulers’ Council, which has accordingly forwarded his name to the state government for official recognition and certification.

At the presentation of the village head-elect, Eteidung Anietie Okon Edem to the TRC, the chairman of the village selection committee, Mr Akan Okon Edem informed the paramount ruler, HRM Edidem Clement Francis Ekpenyong and the members, that the selection was done in strict adherence to the traditional rites, beliefs, norms, values and customs of Nung Oku community.

The Paramount Ruler of Ibesikpo Asutan LGA, HRM Edidem Clement Francis Ekpenyong (3rd left) assisted by the Clan head of Ibesikpo, HH Etebom Nsidibe John Etuk (2rd left) and other village heads, decorates the village head- elect of Nung Oku village, Eteidung Anietie Okon Edem after his presentation/endorsement by the TRC recently.

Mr Edem said that village headship rotates amongst Ikot Udoette and Atai Nung Akpe and that the late village head, Eteidung Clement Ekeng hailed from Nung Ukono family in Ikot Udoette hence the current choice, Eteidung Anietie Okon Edem being selected from Atai Nung Akpe by the majority of the family heads/king makers.

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The family head of Nung Udo Akpan, Nung Oku Ibesikpo, Obong Augustine E. James affirmed the selection process, explaining that the village has six families and that the rotation policy resulted from an understanding the king makers had to ensure justice, fair play, inclusion and peace in the community.

The clan head of Ibesikpo, HH Etebom Nsidibe John Etuk, in his remarks ordered for an interlude and display of traditional drums in the palace as a mark of honour to the traditional stool, followed with dancing, accreditation of all family heads/kingmakers.

Eteidung Anietie Okon Edem
Village head-elect of Nung Oku Ibesikpo

The clan head commended the family heads and people of Nung Oku for their resoluteness in the selection process and informed the TRC that the village head-elect was previously presented to the Ibesikpo Clan Council and gave go ahead for his presentation before the TRC.


The family head of Atai Nung Akpe, Obong Christopher O. Simon alongside other Kingmakers numbering four, after ushering a royal salute to the president-in- council,  Edidem Clement Francis Ekpenyong, formally presented the village head-elect, Pastor Anietie Okon Edem.

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The paramount ruler after all due diligence, in line with customs and traditions of the area and the laws of the land, accepted the presentation and decorated him. The royal father directed that the report of the selection of Eteidung Anietie Okon Edem be forwarded to the state government for recognition/certification as village head, Nung Oku.

In his acceptance speech, Eteidung Anietie Okon Edem thanked God for raising him as a king for his people and pledged to lead with the fear of God.

At the presentation were HRM Edidem (III), Clement Francis Ekpenyong – Paramount Ruler, Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area; HRH Etebom Nsidibe John Etuk Clan Head, Ibesikpo; Eteidung Joseph D. Thomas – Village Head, Ndikpo Atang; Eteidung Edem Edet Moses – Village Head, Ikot Akpaso;
Eteidung Etim Edet Akpan – Village Head, Afaha Atai; Eteidung Robert B. Udo Village Head, Ikot Udo – Nkan; Eteidung Edet Umanah Udosen – Village Head, Nung Ukana Ikot Obio Akpan; Imoh Edem Udoeyop – secretary, TRC and others.

Eteidung Edem, a former Obong Mkparawa in the community, thanked the paramount ruler, clan head, family heads and members of Nung Oku village for the finding him worthy to serve and assured them that he will not disappoint and will discharge his duties effectively.

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