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Gov Eno Approves Intervention To Salvage Nigerian Correctional Facility In Uyo

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, has approved the expansion of the scope of work at the ongoing Uyo-Ewet gully reclamation and beautification project to rescue the Nigerian Correctional Service facility from collapse.

The governor gave his consent during an unscheduled inspection of the project at the Dominic Utuk Avenue axis of the site.

He commended the project contractor for opening up the area to expose the devastating erosion menace behind the Correctional Service facility. He assured that the state government would intervene to prevent the imminent collapse of the facility.

Governor Eno stated that his administration remains committed to maintaining a healthy relationship with the President Tinubu-led federal government to foster development and ensure that the people of the state benefit optimally from the nation’s commonwealth.

“That’s why I keep saying to people, you can’t fight the Federal Government. You can only partner with them. As you can see, this is a federal prison, but we can’t just allow this to happen. We know the effect; God forbid if this area collapses, there’ll be a jailbreak, and that will cause us problems,” he stated.

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Nigerian correctional facility uyo

He commended the commitment and giant strides recorded by the contractor, especially for identifying hazards in the process of execution of the project and for taking the initiative to solve problems beyond the original scope of the job.

The State Chief Executive expressed hope that the project will serve the interests of the state’s people.

“I decided to stop by for an unannounced visit. That’s how you check some things and know if your contractors are serious. So, I thank this contractor so much. For all of these discoveries, we thought it was just this area, but we thank him. He is not just concentrating on the scope; he has gone beyond the scope, and I want to thank him.

“Honestly, I never knew the devastation was this bad. All of this was covered by bush, and you won’t even know the extent. This is taking down the walls of the prison. That’s the tower, and it is near collapse. If we don’t intervene on time, you will wake up one morning and it’s gone,” the governor added.

He reaffirmed his intention for the project to go beyond just reclamation of the gully menace to creating a tourism site and hoped that it would be delivered in record time.

“This is not just a reclamation; it has become a tourism site. He told me he would deliver the project for us to use this December. You don’t know the amount of joy I have that we are beginning to create a message out of this mess. That’s a whole joy for me,” he said.

The managing director of the contracting firm, Bulletin Construction Company, Chief Faysal Harb, thanked the governor for his approval and kind words as he restated his company’s commitment to delivering the job by December 2024, in line with the governor’s wish.

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