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Insecurity/Poverty: We Must Collectively Work For A Safer And Prosperous Nigeria- African Church Primate

The primate of African Church, Dr. Emmanuel Udofia, has described the worsening insecurity and increasing poverty rate in Nigeria as extremely appalling and distasteful.

According to him, “It is both saddening and sickening that the sacrificial labour of our past heroes has become an anthem to be recited only when the need arises, while the painstaking efforts for unity, togetherness and love are left without regard”.

The primate, who made the remarks in a press statement issued at the on-going Biennial Conference Holding at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State with the theme, “For with God, All Things Are Possible” urges Nigerians to unite as a people in prayers and tackle the rising menace of insecurity and poverty for a safer and prosperous nation.

The primate lamented that Nigeria has retrogressed perhaps to an irredeemable extent where prayer seems to be the only viable panacea.

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African church primate
Dr. Emmanuel Udofia, Primate of African Church, Nigeria (4th right) flanked by other officials of the Church

Speaking on the recent gruesome murder of a job seeking young graduate of University of Uyo, Iniubong Umoren, Udofia said “It is disheartening that a promising girl-child with so much life, energy and the will to contribute to the state and national workforce for a more productive economy had her life sniffed out for nothing but evil penchant and ungodly deeds”.

While condemning the dastard act, the primate asked that full justice prevails without any form of cover-up.

“Our women should be protected, loved and cared for and not victimized. While sending my heartfelt condolences to the family, I call on the Government of Akwa Ibom State not to handle the case with kid gloves”.

Dr. Udofia further regretted that insecurity has continued unabated in the country, in his words” It is no longer news that we have been noted globally and rated as the country with the worst case of insurgency, kidnapping and victimization in the history of West Africa and our school children abduction story makes our matter even worse than has been recorded in recent times”.

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The Cleric expressed deep concern on the spate of military killings, farmer-herdsmen clashes resulting in the gruesome deaths of our productive population; religious intolerance leading to unending cold murder of Christian leaders in the northeast with little or no concerns from Nigerian leaders.

He further intoned, “It was this silence which led to the staging of the #EndSARS protest last year against the brutality of the Police which sadly led to the death of innocent Nigerians whose only crime was the demand for a fair Nigeria yet, we have not moved even an inch from where we were; our graduates are still littering the streets in search of menial jobs, men of the force are still victimizing those they are supposed to protect and governance has only turned worse”.

He further observed “Recently, the tables seem to have turned; Police Stations are now being burnt down, officers murdered without a care while vandalism takes the centre stage. We now live-in perpetual fear of the unknown as no one knows what would happen next. Our government must be awake to ensure that the labours of our heroes past are not in vain”.

Speaking on the various sectors of the economy, the primate said Nigeria’s education system rather than improved, declined alarmingly in quality, moral instruction and result. “It is saddening that the education offered in our schools and institutions cannot prepare our graduates in character and learning as required to function appropriately in respective offices”.

On Agriculture the cleric lamented thus, “As a result of the occasional clashes between farmers and herdsmen, the farm produce gotten from the northeast has reduced thus, causing an increment in the prices of the little available once. Invariably, the final consumer is left with no option but to buy at whatever price they are given. This is why two cups of garri is being sold for N200 and Rice, N180; not to mention food items like yam, tomatoes, potato, onions”.

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“For a society where the need to purchase is greater than the means to purchase, it only points to the fact that the average Nigerian does not care about balancing his/her diet with the basic nutrients required but is more concerned about satisfying his/her hunger. As such, our people eat, fall sick and die of malnourishment and hunger”.

According to him “Our health facilities are also a total failure else; our ruling elites would not run outside the shores of our country to seek medical attention when they can use the facilities they have so “improved” back home. Many health facilities around us are neither manageable nor functional due to poor funding. Our education system had long sagged and our legal system has become a commodity for the highest bidder”.

He acknowledged that the times are apparently unfriendly and urge all Nigerians to take security as their personal business.

“We must be vigilant and conscious of happenings around us, while ensuring to stay away from vices, ungodly deeds and unnecessary arguments even on social media with those we think we know.

We must not forget that heaven only helps those who help themselves so, we must take time to avoid certain “mistakes”.

The Primate said now is a better time to activate our prayer life and called for ceaseless intercessions for Nigeria and her leaders.

“I share in the belief of a better Nigeria and I know that all of this will pass away. With God, all things shall be possible,” he concluded.

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