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It’s Painful We Never Had Gov Emmanuel When Money Walked The Streets Of Akwa Ibom

…He’s Dogged, Consistent In Delivery Of Dividends Of Democracy -Akparawa Godwin Ntukudeh



Governor Udom Emmanuel’s sterling performance after five years on the saddle has been described as a vindication that he came with a great vision for the people of Akwa Ibom State.
Akparawa Godwin Ntuk Udeh, Ph.D. Chairman, Akwa Ibom Road and Other Infrastructure Maintenance Agency (AKROIMA), says Governor Emmanuel has remained a focused leader, someone who is laced with doggedness and consistency in service delivery.


Speaking an exclusive interview with Crystal Express, Ntukude, a political chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said Gov Emmanuel’s high level performance accounts for the widespread accolades from indigenes and friends of Akwa Ibom State.
Ntukudeh, a former Special Adviser and Commissioner in Akwa Ibom State further described Gov Emmanuel as “a square peg in a square hole, a multiplier and sustainable developer who has ensured that many are now enjoying dividends of democracy as already manifesting in all sectors of our economy.



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According to Ntukudeh, “Governor Emmanuel has awakened the spirit of industry, supply and production in the consciousness of our people. He came at point zero, built an enabling environment which has gingered the interest of foreign and international investors and also awakened the awareness in our people on the need to establish industries here in Akwa Ibom.


“Government has not been a good manager of business from past records and experiences, thus the best a good government can do is to provide enabling and serene environment for enterprises and private business to thrive; that Governor Emmanuel has fulfilled. Akwa Ibom is clean, green and attractive with great hygiene as the waste management board is doing a great job.”


Throwing more light on the governor’s extraordinary feat in five years, the Chairman, Board of AKIROIMA said, “The Governor has developed our aviation industry with the introduction of Ibom Air with a good number of aircraft and also ensuring that the Victor Attah International Airport is managed by the state to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


“He has also developed the tourism and hospitality sector in readiness for the influx of foreign investors to the state. Akwa Ibom is the only state in Nigeria that has attracted more foreign direct investments and tourism from the international community in the last few years.


“There are about 18 viable industries operational in the state at the moment. Some of the industries who were skeptical about growing their investments in Nigeria are now very comfortable with the serene environment in Akwa Ibom and are planning massive expansion in the future.


“These industries will definitely transform into larger conglomerate which will create more job opportunities for our people and distributors will spring up, up takers will spring up, export will come and with the Ibom Deep Seaport, which is in its final stages of approval, owing to the tireless efforts of Governor Emmanuel, Akwa Ibom State will never be the same again”.


Highlighting Gov Emmanuel’s milestone in Agricultural development, he intoned, “In agriculture, it is on record that no nation or state can boast of greatness if it lacks capacity to feed itself. The governor from the outset promised to crash food prices by massive investment in agriculture and we are living witnesses to the dramatic turnaround in the agricultural fortunes of the state with our staple foods available in abundance and are pocket-friendly.


“The governor’s policy in agriculture is paying off through the massive investment in FADAMA 3, RAM and unparalleled encouragement to farmers by the provision of seedlings, loans, grants and establishment of fertilizer blending factory in the state.


“The fertilizer is designed to help the various types of soils we have in the state to bring forth good produce. Whatever you plant in any part of the state will thrive since we have fertilizer suitable for any soil. Cassava is thriving; rebranded cocoa is doing well and will soon be in export market while also encouraging the sitting of beverage industry here.


“Rice is thriving in Akwa Ibom with rice mills here. During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the garri and rice distributed as palliatives to the people of the state were locally produced in the state. Unlike before, we did not rely on our sister states as usual, that is vision and thinking ahead. Today in Akwa Ibom we now plant non-seasonally. Now once crops are harvested, the farmers replant immediately for the next yield”.


Ntukudeh further described Emmanuel’s administration as one who place high premium on maintenance culture, stressing that his Agency has enjoyed tremendous support from the governor.
In his words, “We are a subset of the Gov Emmanuel, who is the mega set, a believer in sustainable development who knows the great value of maintenance. The governor was at his best recently when he commissioned the Disease Control Centre in Ituk Mbang, where he reiterated his administration’s belief in maintenance culture, promising to ensure that the new world-class facility is regularly maintained. The governor has done so much through AKROIMA fixing failed portions, reconstructing others and intervening in so many roads and other projects across the state which is a strong indication that he is a believer in maintenance culture. He knows the uniqueness of maintenance culture and the maintenance agency he put in place remains the key in delivering this aspect of his vision. Till date, the governor is still sending us to intervene in many areas with urgent needs across the state which is an indication that he will fully utilize the agency to ensure the best for the people of Akwa Ibom against all odds”.

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