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KAGOTE Expresses Commitment To Resolve Leadership Crisis Rocking MOSOP.

Vannessa Eddie



The Apex Socio-Cultural organization in Ogoni land, KAGOTE said it is working on resolving all pending issues on leadership crisis rocking the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP).

The president of KAGOTE, Hon. Emmanuel Deeya made the disclosure while chatting with Newsmen in Port-Harcourt.

He said the organization which is strategic in the sense that it provides an informal link between the Ogoni people and the government is doing its best to unite all Ogonis irrespective of interests for the overall benefits of the people.

He also said that a mechanism has been put in place to revive the culture and languages of the area stressing that their culture remains their identity.

He maintained that achieving lasting peace and unity of all Ogoni people is the goal of the organization as the leadership of KAGOTE is open for ideas on ways and means of achieving this goal.

On the crisis rocking the leadership of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, MOSOP, the new president of KAGOTE informed that the organization is interfacing with the interim Committee inaugurated on January 4, being Ogoni day with the view of resolving the crisis.

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“The last Ogoni day, there was a MOSOP interim Committee that was inaugurated, I the president of KAGOTE did that swearing in. We also set up a Committee to look into the crisis in the MOSOP with a view to resolving all the issues and I assure that by the time the report is ready and implemented, Ogoni will be united once again.

All hands are on deck, steps are being taken to bring everybody together so that by the time elections will be conducted, everybody who is qualified will be allowed,” he assured.

Hon. Deeya who hinted that the average Ogoni man has gone beyond the level of “survival” acknowledged that the interest of KAGOTE though political is non-partisan and has the focus of navigating as much Ogoni people as possible to the track of Ogoni struggle.

On her part, the Vice President of KAGOTE, Chief Mrs Priscilla Vikue hinted that the organization which was born in 1947 has decided to bring all Ogonis together irrespective of political affiliations.

She expressed belief that coming together in unity will afford people the opportunity to achieve greater development and enjoined the youths of Ogoni to be abreast with the history of the area.

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