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Kufreabasi Edidem, …A Worthy Representative Of Itu

The Gavel with Esther Ukpe


Of all factors that are important in reducing conflicts during elections is ensuring that votes count. This was one of the measures the Independent National Electioneering Commission (INEC), set in order to safeguard peoples vote, reduce violence and ensure justice. This measure was informed by flaws that usually characterized the processes.

However, some occurrences took place because of lack of strong sanctions and sufficient enforcement mechanisms to ensure compliance with the rule of law. And following this, more precautions were extensively made to ensure that electoral fraud and malpractices were curbed to the barest minimum. To also have free, fair and credible elections and as competitive as the elections were, many candidates after exercising their franchise stood behind to ensure that all went well in their various units.

An immediate point of note is, Hon. Kufreabasi Edidem, the elected member for the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly for Itu State Constituency, who showed this obedience to the conduct of the electoral laws during elections in his Unit in ltu. Hon. Edidem, who has been a two-time Transition Chairman of Itu Local Government, Chairman of ltu local Government Council, member of various committees and in his quest to further serve the people, accounted for who he is presently. His precedents gave him the support he garnered and won massively in his constituency to emerge as the People Democratic Party (PDP) flag bearer for ltu State Constituency in the primaries.

In a close observation, then, as an accredited media personnel’s visiting his polling unit on that March 19, 2019 elections, there were some high level of calmness and orderliness, massive turnout of voters at the polling unit, securities were tight and almost all the voters played according to the rules.

For Kufre Abasi Edidem, he was not far from the unit but was rather addressing situations’ report from across the polling units. His comportment during that elections alone, entails what he is to offer when once he is sworn-in as the 7th Assembly Lawmaker for Itu State Constituency at the hallow Chamber. He is vested with some legislative qualities to function effectively to the successful running of the legislature, specifically contributing to the making of good laws, oversight functions, being a voice for his constituency as well as enhancing the stability of government in the state and nation.

He is not a man of many words but of actions. It is said by many that he is truly Edidem (King), of which he behaves as one, making his subjects the priority. It is also believed, Edidem is the best choice for Itu people and that he will live up to the expectations by delivering his electioneering promises.

Sometimes ago, at the floor of the hallowed Chamber, Edidem took up a report of a flood incident that occurred at the Enen Atai Junction in Itu Local Government Area. According to the order (ll) rule 4 of the standing order of the House, he explained to the members the connectivity of the road to the occupation of his people and how important the Calabar-Itu Highway, is in term of socio-economic development of the state.

He, however maintained that though it is a federal road for which contract was awarded to Julius Berger Company but has been left uncompleted, it was necessary for speedy intervention to enable the people use the road.

Series of suggestions and motions emanated and were effectively deliberated and supported by members, and at last, a resolution was moved, through which the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Aniekan Bassey urged the Akwa Ibom State government through the Ministry of Works to intervene.

Thereafter, the State House also mandated the Committee on Works to monitor and report every stage of work done. The House resolved and called for synergy between the Ministry of Works and the Contractors.

Undoubtedly, his victory at the Appeal Court justify the confidence his people had in voting him into power. Their choice, indeed, will favour them as he is beginning to attract immediate attention of the government to the constituency.

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