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The Deplorable State of Uyo/Nsit Atai/ Okobo Road


It is no longer news that road network in Akwa Ibom  State generally is gradually getting better for  reasons many believed are traceable to good governance. But what is more surprising or rather unbelievable is how certain duties of government is left to be carried out by poor citizens who themselves are helpless.
The sorry state of Uyo-Nsit Atai-Okobo Road has sent different signals to citizens and residents of these particular area because while people from other parts of the State are enjoying the benefits of having good roads pass through their vicinity, those in this affected area  continue to count their losses due to the deplorable nature of the aforementioned road.
Recently, the last stroke that broke the carmel’s back was the avoidable motor accident that claimed one life, leaving scores with different degrees of injuries.
The importance of this road cannot be overemphasised considering its economic potentials to the State. Government should wake up to their responsibility by repairing the road to avert reoccurrence of this ugly incidence. If that is not done and urgently too, more lives could be lost..
Uduak Ekpa
… Uyo

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