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Merriment As Lawmakers Host Constituents


The yuletide has come and gone but not without good memories. For the members of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, the period offered them and their constituents’ happy hours. It was truly life-touching merriment all through. It demonstrated the fact that leadership has a price tag which democratic and good governance usually offers.

Understandably, leadership is value driven. This orientation guides operators. Enviable position, when accepted, comes with responsibilities that demands humility to shoulder.

Years ago, when former Governor of Akwa Ibom State , Godswill Obot Akpabio now Minister for Niger Delta, introduced the Akpabiosm concept, some civil servants coined it the thirteen month. He, at that time, tried to show that a leader must be open, predictable, listening, responsive, elocutionary, knowledgeable, confident, visionary and firm. He was always eager and pragmatic to see things done with dispatch.

It became obvious since then that merriment never skips off the minds of the people. They are always expecting the thirteen month goodies from the executive arm of government, opinion leaders, elder statesmen or stakeholders while from the legislative arm, a Constituency briefings or Town Hall meetings. Whichever terms, either for accountability of their quarterly or yearly performances report but it will be accompanied with packs of merriments, in order words “Mkpo Uka ldung.” All to rekindle the peoples’ hope of democratic dividends.

Thanks to the successor, Governor Udom Emmanuel who has not deviated for the concept.
With these kind gesture, government and leaders try to show “commitment”, which is the will power of putting the mind, and emotions to work until both flows in the same phase. The leaders being creative enough to do these, will win an applause. This is usually manifested in their sacrifices to people, such that reflects in the implementation of people-oriented and life touching projects.

For the legislature, which primary objective is to make laws, represent and do oversight functions, they know that leadership is about commitment, and that the man that wears the crown speaks loudest. It takes the strength of these qualities to build a nation. The more a leader’s eyes are on the vision, the better they maintain their perspectives.

Specifically, they serve also as leaders, a voice and representatives. As lawmakers, their greatness is in their commitment to the vision of service. The wonder of their commitment light up its own fire and honour may stand out as the reward for what they gave.

This precedes achievements and their activities speak louder than words. Their ability to understand dreams, aspirations and communicate same to the people in the team is all they need in realizing their goals.

Of a fact, every year comes with its own challenges; the attribute of good leaders is in their ability to face and deal squarely with such issues and approaches as they arrived. Many may not be interested in how the representation started. They want to know the challenges the lawmakers have proffered solutions to and how they have been able to change communities and the lives of their constituents.

The ‘language’ committed leaders should understand most is ‘accomplishment’ and certain provisions for every vision. Their assignment, when it is carefully pursued, open doors for visible accomplishment.

Some take it as a Town Hall meeting, some like constituency briefings. They evaluate their performances always to ascertain their progress. That commitment alone enables them to showcase their leadership abilities.

Many of their constituents expects them to return and present their scorecard in order to appraise them on their performances. This was virtually what the Akwa Ibom State 7th Assembly lawmakers tried to do. It may count for their continuity.

They have changed people’s lives by giving packs, cars, wrappers, gift of assorted varieties, items worth thousands and million naira. Invariably, it looks like a starting point to alleviating poverty and taking youths off the streets.

Some constituents had it early, some took last. More, l believe are yet to be attained to, but certainly they have touched lives positively by the little they have done. They prioritize the welfare of the people. It was merriment although.

List Of Akwa Ibom State House Of Assembly Petroleum Committee Members
1. Hon Effiong Johnson -Chairman – MBO
2. Hon. Godwin Ekpo -Deputy Chairman
3. Rt. Hon. Nse Essien -Member
4. Rt. Hon. Effiong Bassey -Member
5. Rt. Hon. Asuquo Archibong -Member
6. Rt. Hon. Idongesit Ntekpere -Member
7. Hon Mfon Idung -Member
8. Hon Charity Ido -Member
9. Hon KufreAbasi Edidem -Member
10. Rt. Hkn. Anietie Eka -Member
11. Rt. Hon. Mark Esset -Member

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