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Rotary Club Advocates Better Society Through Peace Building, Conflict Prevention

Determined to ensure peaceful coexistence and harmonious living in our societies in particular and the country at large, the Rotary Club of Uyo Shelter Afrique has carried out a one-day advocacy seminar in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

The seminar tagged “Peace Building and Conflict Prevention” held at the Judiciary Multi-Purpose Hall, Uyo, was designed to observe peace and conflict prevention to solve problems and promote positive peace in the nation.rotary club of uyo

The Chief Host and President of the Rotary Club of Uyo Shelter Afrique Rotarian Chibuzo Iroadu in her opening remarks opined that the essence of the gathering is to foster peace in the Communities.

According to her, “As Rotarians, we exemplify the 4 Way Test as we live our lives, we model peace and goodwill to our families, friends and communities. We provide services to others in need, an act of peace-building. We also act as a bridge to social justice. Through our services, we create correction, empathy, friendship and understanding among our communities’ citizens.”

Mrs Iroadu maintained that peace is not the absence of conflict but a fundamental human aspiration stressing that Peacebuilding is an essential precondition for individual well-being, community development and national advancement.

In her keynote address, the Club Ambassador, Hon. Justice Joy Unwana who stated that Peace is important for development, however, highlighted that conflict exists since the creation of the human race.

According to the legal luminary, “unresolved conflicts results in wars, crisis and murders. She noted that in a bid by some societies to resolve conflict, oath taking which is even acknowledged at the Supreme Court has been adopted but was quick to say that it is not very reliable.

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“Oath-taking is not a very reliable way of resolving conflict. Litigation has been acknowledged as one of the reliable ways of resolving issues. Litigation can be very expensive due to the long and strenuous process; sometimes peace is hardly achieved through litigation,” she further highlighted.
The High Court Judge said the society has further advanced by putting up Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre to discourage self-help by individuals and society during conflicts.

On her own, the Guest speaker at the event, Mrs Helen Isang Umana, a Chief Magistrate and director, of Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre Uyo said there is no development without peace.

According to her, “The delay and high cost of litigation brought about the emergence of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre. It is quick and less expensive and also a win-win situation.

She further stated that ADR is also called Multi Door Court because of its capacity to handle a wide range of issues affecting humanity stressing that multi-door courts can now be found across the country.

“Multi Door Court was established in Akwa Ibom State since 2008 and many citizens at the grassroots have benefited immensely from its services ranging from debt recovery landlord/ tenant issues, including criminal matters of a certain proportion.”

She highlighted that in the last two years over 10 cases have been referred to the multi-door court house which they have resolved stressing that they are also into resolving political matters, especially intra-party pre-election issues.

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Mrs Umana maintained that ADR has brought peace and harmony across societies and families saying that it is here to stay and must be embraced by all Nigerians.

Speaking on the framework of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre, another guest speaker Very Rev. Fr. John Ebebe said ADR is a creation of the state government with a mandate to provide free legal services/ services to residents in the state in line with its policy on access to justice.

According to him, “CADR symbolises government with human face ensuring fairness and justice for the residents of the state.

He urged members of society to embrace alternative dispute resolution rather than resorting to self-help as it is an effective method of resolving conflicts



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