We Are Set To Serve You More In 2020


Crystal Express arrived on the newsstand with a bang in 2019 and hit the ground running.

In all of its 14 editions in 2019, Crystal Express has served the public with a brand new journalism that is refreshing and juicy without being sensational.

Our no-holds barred interviews have been incisive, in-depth, revealing and readers’ delight.

Indeed 2019 had been an interesting year with the successful entry of Crystal Express into the journalism world.

We have been an authority in many aspects of journalism particularly with our reportage of the Niger Delta Region.

In this edition we have introduced a legislative page devoted to reporting the Houses of Assembly in Nigeria. You will find it quite interesting.

We hope to unfold more interesting packages within this year all in a bid to serve you the more.

In an enlightened and literate society as ours, information becomes a powerful tool to help in taking informed and decisive decision for overall development. That is what Crystal Express is out to achieve.

We thank our numerous readers and welcome them to a prosperous 2020 which we look forward to for bumper harvest.
Happy New Year!

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