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Why Fathers Of Faith, Clerics Backed Gov Emmanuel’s Re-election

…Foresees Surprises, Rise, Fall Of Politicians In 2020


The founder and general overseer of Destiny International Mission, Arch Bishop Cletus Bassey has given insight on why prominent Akwa Ibom church leaders popularly called fathers of faith unanimously endorsed and openly canvassed for the re-election of Governor Udom Emmanuel for a second term of four years.

The fiery cleric and former chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State chapter, who spoke in an exclusive interview with Crystal Express in Uyo on Saturday, cited the Governor’s deep faith in God, peaceful disposition, commitment for development and readiness to partner with the church in the administration of the state as some of their major reasons.

According to Arch Bishop Bassey, “We had our banquet at Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort where we first mentioned our position. At the banquet attended by the Governor, we engaged him on his plans and activities, we asked him questions and it was from then that we were convinced that he is a true Christian and should continue in office.

He has confessed Christ as his lord and saviour and has promised to stand with the church, he will honour and carry the church along, what then are we looking for when we have got somebody who is ready to work with the church?

“He was ever ready to offer explanation on issues affecting our people. We asked pertinent questions including the issue of pensioners. So many people don’t know that we do have interactions with the governor to ensure good governance,” he narrated.

Bassey lamented that some people just criticize government without taking time to find out what the government is doing.

“We decided to take the path of consulting and negotiating when necessary than confronting leaders. If something is wrong, we will tell them it is wrong. That was how we arrived at supporting him for a second term. But the question is – were other candidates not Christians? Are they not attending churches? Yes they are but we must learn to understand times and seasons and persons.

“In every season and time with God, he raises a man. When he wanted to take the children of Israel out of Egypt, he raised Moses. When it was time to take them to the Promised Land, he raised Joshua. When it was time to bring a king, he brought Saul. Every time, God has purposes for persons and all we did was to pray and understand whom God has tied the purpose of kingship as it affects Akwa Ibom State and Udom Emmanuel was the person and we stood by him and told our members that there can only be one governor at a time”.

Speaking against those criticizing his deep involvement in politics of the state, Bassey explained that Prophets of the old on the instruction of God anointed, guided and advised kings to enable them succeed.

In his words, “Why should it be wrong? God used to send prophets to anoint leaders and Samuel was one of such prophets and God doesn’t change. Both with the anointing and making of Saul and David as kings, prophets were involved. There are prophets God raised at palaces; prophets who speak to the kings like Joseph, Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego, Nehemiah, Isaiah, all are prophets who were in the king’s court, when a king is not doing the right thing, they speak the truth to the king.

Arch Bishop Bassey, who is currently the Chairman, Akwa Ibom Christian Pilgrims Board said the fathers of faith will also play a critical role towards the emergence of a new governor in 2023 even though it will be a tough task.

He also described 2020 as a year that will usher in a lot of revelations, surprises and disappointments for different people, stressing that the veil covering the eyes of many will be lifted for them to know the truth and follow the truth.

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