Women Affairs And Social Welfare Akwa Ibom State Government:Immeasurable Acts Of Governor Emmanuel’s Kindness To Humanity




Every day, the rhythm of charity echoes loudly in Akwa Ibom State. Enchanting testimonies of care, reliefs and change of fortunes are recorded amongst the physically challenged and destitutes in Akwa Ibom State.

The list spans children, pregnant women, the aged and others, who are confronted by diverse difficulties and some other inexplicable circumstances.


This act of love, driven under the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare, now merged with the Ministry of Agriculture, brings to the fore, the depth of kind-heartedness that Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel’s led administration has for all and sundry in the society in Akwa Ibom.


As obviously witnessed, not only has he made governance accessible to all Akwa Ibomites, Nigerians and residents alike, the governor has consciously embraced those considered lowly in the society who have no viable means of livelihood, giving them care, hope and a foundation for self-discovery.


And driving Governor Udom Emmanuel’s goodwill and dreams in the Women Affairs and Social Welfare is a woman of immense capacity; a scholar, administrator, mobiliser, caregiver, humble, hospitable and diligent fellow, Dr. Glory Edet. In carrying out her activities for the governor, Mother Teresa’s admonition: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” is not only imbibed but holistically practiced.

Dr. Edet, an unassuming commissioner, equally shares the thoughts of Helen Keller that “Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.”


The commissioner utilizes her wide experience in academics, child rights and gender advocacy to fully interpret the visions and aspirations of the governor for the less privileged and the vulnerable members of the society admirably.

Prior to her appointment as a commissioner by the Akwa Ibom State Government in 2013, she worked as a lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Uyo, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) respectively. She is a member of various professional bodies.

At the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare, she is supported by a dynamic team, anchored by the Permanent Secretary, Mrs. Margaret Anietie Edem. The directors and heads of departments are: Madam Anietie Archibong – Head, Administration; Mrs. Edima Ndaobong –Director, Women Affairs; Barr. (Mrs.) Bassey Ekah – Legal Adviser; Mercy Ukpong -Head, Social Welfare; Mrs. Mary Atan- Head, Child Development; Mrs. Iquoidara Ibanga – Head, Account; Mr. Anietie Udoh – Head, Planning, Research and Statistics and Mr. Dominic Isidore – Head, Rehabilitation.

Evidently, her transparency and accountability has won her accolades within and beyond. What is more, her approaches in the sector tally with the disposition of Pratibha Devisingh Patil, the 12th President of India and heroine, who said that, “Our foremost priority is the removal of poverty, hunger and malnutrition, disease and illiteracy. All social welfare programmes must be implemented efficiently. Agencies involved in the delivery of services should have a strong sense of duty and work in a transparent, corruption-free, time-bound and accountable manner.”

Giving an insight into the activities of the Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Dr. Glory Edet said, “I can tell you that persons with disabilities are enjoying this government. The State has shown tremendous concern for people that are down with disabilities. We are taking care of five government homes. We have the Special Children Centre at IBB Avenue; the Divine Children Home at Atan Offot; the Transit Camp at Shelter Afrique Estate and the Correctional Centre, where children, who go contrary to the Child Rights laws are kept for reformation.”

She added, “We also have a home for the physically challenged children; we take care of them also by ensuring that they go to school and those who could not make it to school are trained to learn different skills and trade and then empower them. These children are very happy. Some of the children were abandoned by their parents. Most of the children only know Governor Udom Emmanuel as their father and the wife of the Governor, Dr. Martha Udom Emmanuel as their mother. In some instances, some don’t even not know their biological parents.”

Interestingly, 25 of such children are in higher institutions. According to her, one of them just graduated from the faculty of law and was called to bar recently. She went on, “Some of them are in the University of Uyo, while others are in Akwa Ibom State University and Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic at Ikot Osurua, Ikot Ekpene LGA. There are some in Abia State University and others in various schools of Nursing and Midwifery. They are spread across institutions and we move round to monitor their academic performance. I don’t think there is any other state where a governor has done this much as carried out by Governor Emmanuel. We also encourage this children to believe in God and walk in his ways; the ones in the higher institution are very happy now knowing that their dreams of having a fulfilled lives with their own families are much nearer.

“We also encourage the ones in secondary schools to be hopeful and believe strongly in their creator. However, some of the children have parents who are very poor and after training them in the various schools, and you want to reintegrate them with their parents, they resist and cry bitterly. The truth is that they prefer staying back because if they are not well cared for, they would have jumped on the offer of returning to their parents,” she added.

Update On The Achievements Of His Excellency, Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel’s Administration Under The Ministry Of Women Affairs And Social Welfare from 29th May, 2015.


Greatly disposed to women affairs and social welfare matters, Governor Udom Emmanuel has through the ministry, provided a congenial atmosphere and touched so many lives.
1. The administration cares for over Seven Hundred (700) Orphans and less privileged children in the five (5) Government Homes. Some of them are presently in higher institutions. The homes are:
* Special Children’s Home, Uyo
* Divine Children’s Home, Uyo
* Correctional Centre, Uyo
* Shelter Afrique Transit Camp, Uyo
* Government Children’s Home, Ikot Ekpene.

In building capacity, the administration regularly offers training through workshops and seminars. It also engages in programmes and actions relating to its core mandate. These are:

1. Hosting of Women’s Leadership Retreat which focused on training the women in different areas in order to meet with good standard of leadership.

2. Evacuation, rehabilitation and re-integration of 280 lunatics. Interesting, after attaining good health and soundness of mind, the 280 persons were empowered to begin a new life.

3. Sensitization against Child Abuse, Child Trafficking, Child Abandonment and Baby Factory in the State on the theme, “The Rights of the Child: A Collective Responsibility.”

4. The second phase of the sensitization was carried out on September 27-28, 2019 with the theme: “Our Children, Our Future: End Child Abuse.” This was held for school children, and parents, traditional rulers, pastors, teachers amongst others, as one of the strategies of the Child’s Rights Law implementation.

5. Training of ten (10) visually impaired persons (the blind) in different skills at the Nigerian Farm Craft Centre, Lagos and subsequent empowerment for them to start up their businesses in the different trade learnt.

6. Sponsorship of 155 widows to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage led by Her Excellency, the Wife of the Executive Governor, Dr. (Mrs.) Martha Udom Gabriel Emmanuel. Remarkably, the women, appreciative of the gesture, thanked God for Akwa Ibom States and the first family and prayed for the development of the State.

7. The Celebration of the 2016/2017 International Women’s Day featured the following:
* Financial empowerment to widows from the 31 Local Government Areas of the State.
* Training of young girls in Secondary Schools on career counselling and the dignity of the girl child.
* Seminar on breast and cervical cancer as well as free medical screening of breast and cervical cancer amongst other activities.
* Capacity Building Workshop on Women’s Right and Widowhood Inheritance.

8. The Celebration of the 2016/2017 Armed Forces Remembrance Day in the State.
As it is within the realms of its responsibility, the Women Affairs and Social Welfare oversees the celebration of the 2016/2017 Armed Forces Remembrance Day in the State. This programme includes the launch of emblem, organization of Juma’at Prayer, Thanksgiving Service and Laying of Wreath)

9. Renovation and furnishing of the Homes and the Women Development Centre.
To ensure a congenial atmosphere, it carried out the renovation and furnishing of the Homes and the Women Development Centre. This has continued to create a hospitable environment for the workers and those catered for.

10. Celebration of the International White Cane Safety Day
The celebration of the International White Cane Safety Day featured white canes being given to 350 visually impaired persons in Akwa Ibom State. It also involved provision of Braille Machines, tape recorders, laptops with Jaws to visually impaired undergraduate students as well as financial assistance to them.

11. Provision of Working tools
The government provided over fifty (50) wheel chairs and over fifty (50) wheel chairs and fifty (50) special writing desks for physical challenged persons in tertiary institutions and secondary schools. Sixty-two (62) persons with disabilities, two from each local government areas were also empowered.

12. Implementation of the Child Rights Law
A major feat recorded by the state government is the implementation of the Child Rights Law. The law protects the Rights of a Child and for other related matters. It collaborates to prosecute Child’s Rights Offenders in collaboration with the Akwa Ibom State Judiciary and Ministry of Justice, Security Services, Police amongst others. The cases include: “Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Child Abandonment and Trafficking, Maternal/Paternity issues, raped, baby factory operation and disinheritance. Over 200 cases have been recorded since 29th May 2015. About one hundred and twenty (120) have received judgement. Some offenders had served their jail term.

13. Family Tracing and Re-integration
Under Family Tracing and Re-integration, it took custody of over 60 abandoned children within and outside Akwa Ibom State.

14. Support to Multiple Birth Parents
As a demanding act of love, the Women Affairs and Social Welfare offers support to multiple birth parents. In this regard, over 300 multiple birth parents were provided with care and financial support.

15. Celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities
It marked the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in 2016. This covered Physically Challenged, Blind, Deaf, Dumb and those in the Leprosy hospital. It also carried out the empowerment of members of the association with basic amenities for their overall wellbeing such as:
* Provision of wheel chairs,
* Provision of Braille machines,
* Financial packages to each cluster,
* Accessories for saloon and generators to members.

16. Election and inauguration of the Children’s Parliament
To ensure successful and peaceful election, it organized election and inauguration of the Children’s Parliament who are the mouth piece of the children in all the local government areas of the state. Seminars were organized for the Children Parliament at the State and Local Government levels.

17. Other Impactful Activities Includes
* A mentoring Forum for Female Students in all higher institutions in Akwa Ibom State.
* Community dialogues were carried out with men and women in State.
* Care for the Nigerian Legion Widows
* Training of Children’s Parliament in the 31 local government areas.
* Celebration of 2016 International Day of Families.
* Celebration of 2016/2017 Children’s Day.
* A two-day Focused Group Discussion with Adolescents in the three (3) Senatorial Districts, namely Uyo, Eket and Ikot Ekpene in collaboration with UNICEF.
* Inauguration of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Technical Working Group.
* Donation of wrappers to 1,000 members of Market Women Frontline.
* Donation of Wheel Chairs to Persons with Disabilities in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Wheel Chairs were given to the Physically Handicapped Persons and other mobility aids.
* Election of Children’s Parliament: Featured the election of the Speaker and State Executive Members of the Children’s Parliament.
* 2017 International Day of the Girl-Child. This featured lecture for the girl-children on ethics and donation of Bible to over 500 children.
* 2017 Celebration of the White Cane Day: Featured donation of cane guides, financial empowerment, computers, Braille machines to beneficiaries.
* 2017 Celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Provision of Wheel Chairs, Cane Guide, Recorder for the blind, financial assistance.
* 2017 Widows Empowerment Scheme: Financial Empowerment to widows registered with the Ministry.
* Sensitization Campaign: Against Child Abuse, Child Trafficking, Child Abandonment, Child Labour and Baby Factory.
* 2018 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration: Thanksgiving Service, Emblem Appeal Fund, Juma’at Prayer and Wreath Laying.
* Celebration of 2019 White Cane Safety Day: White Cane were given to visually impaired persons in the State. Also provision of Braille Machines
* Also provision of Braille Machines and financial assistance. Organizes a Seminar for Royal Women: This was to train mothers, on their role in ensuring sustainable peace and developments and managing their health (2019).
* 2019 Evacuation, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of over 100 Lunatics: All were empowered.
* 2019-Back- to- school programme Provision of School Packs to children in government homes.
* Enlightenment Campaign: To fight against gender Based Violence in the State.
* Seminar for Gender Based Violence Technical Working Committee

Her work as a social worker meets her lifestyle. Dr. Glory Edet stated equivocally thus, “Making people smile and being happy is what gives me satisfaction. Even as a lecturer in the university I used to pay school fees for some students who could not afford their fees and they are known only to me and my God. I believe God places us in positions to use it to bring happiness to others.”

Indeed, Dr. Glory Edet has effectively executed the immeasurable acts of Governor Emmanuel’s Kindness in Akwa Ibom State.

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