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2023: Senator OBA, PDP And The Greek Loyalty

The word loyalty is borrowed from the Old French loialté, based on loial or leial, both meaning and related to “legal.” (The ending -té, is a Latin-based noun-forming suffix, which shows up in a great many other English words, such as royalty or safety.)
– Mashed Radish

First, to fully comprehend the word LOYALTY in these context, we must attempt to define loyalty the way the Greeks and Romans perceive it. Loyalty wasn’t just wives obeying husbands, or servants obeying masters, but also the people obeying the rules of the gods. Obedience is a key part of the ancient concept of loyalty, as you cannot be truly loyal to a person or to the gods without respecting their wishes and being obedient them.

Loyalty is perhaps the most influential value of ancient Greek civilization. Loyalty was embedded in everything the Greeks did. They believed in loyalty to the family, the community and most importantly to the Gods. Loyalty to the family meant doing what was best for your family. Loyalty to the community meant doing what you could for your community whether it was giving money or putting up a stranger for the night. Loyalty to the gods meant never questioning their motives. The gods of ancient Greece often sent tests to citizens and maintaining faith through the tests was a sign of loyalty and belief.
-Excerpt from “What Values Did The Ancient Greeks Value Highly?” By A. N. PIKE

As one of the most influential values of ancient Greek civilization, loyalty and faithfulness was embedded daily. Showing loyalty and faithfulness to the family, community, and to the gods was important because it portrayed you as a virtuous person.

The leader of the Akwa Ibom Caucus in the National Assembly and the Most Outstanding Senator in Nigeria, the Senator representing Akwa Ibom North East Senatorial District, Distinguished Senator (Obong) Bassey Albert’s (OBA) loyalty to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) cannot be over emphasized.

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Senator OBA over the years have exhibited his unalloyed loyalty and commitment to the development of the party both in the state and at the federal level.

It will be recalled that his contributions towards the growth of the party saw His Excellency, Chief (Dr.) Godswill Akpabio appoint him the Commissioner of Finance when he took over the mantle of leadership as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2007. A position marked by his unequalled display of loyalty to his Boss and professionalism as a world class financial administrator.

Let me also state here that in 2014, Obong Bassey Albert (OBA) had aspired to succeed his boss but the move was truncated by the party’s zoning formula which had unanimously zoned the seat to Eket Senatorial District and it saw the emergence of His Excellency, Mr Udom Gabriel Emmanuel as Governor. However, OBA proceeded to the Red Chambers which have also been marked by effective and pragmatic representation so far. His outstanding performance has earned him several honourary awards including the ‘Most Outstanding Senator’ in Nigeria, 2020.

It is worthy to note that his decision to suspend his governorship ambition was inspired by his unflinching loyalty to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and for corporate wellbeing of Akwa Ibom State.

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In relation, Senator OBA like Odysseus’s beautiful wife—Penelope—showed traits of faithfulness and loyalty by waiting 20 years for Odysseus to return. During those years, she was told that her husband had died during his journey and that she should choose another man to help raise Telemachus. She continued to believe that Odysseus was still alive, despite the numerous doubts from other people and the negativity she had received.

As a true, loyal and committed party man, Senator OBA had demonstrated capacity in the last general elections. The 2019 elections saw him stand as the only PDP Senator from Akwa Ibom State and his support for all PDP’s candidates contributed greatly to the victory of the PDP in our State.

Yet with such devotion and selflessness, his detractors instead of allowing the razor focused legislator of no mean repute to deliver on the mandate freely given to him by the people of Uyo Senatorial District have in their usual manner tried to distract him but in futility.

The race to produce a successor to the incumbent Governor is rather too early since 2023 is about two years from today and will not only pose a clog in the wheels of governance but will also brew hatred capable of destroying the entire democratic foundations laid by our leaders and it can only be passed as an attempt by these power drunk fellows to undermine God Almighty as He alone rules in the affairs of men.

Such attitude is very unfortunate. But that’s all they have and it is a true reflection of their selfish ambition and lack of will to change the narratives. They are willing to sacrifice anything and everything just to satisfy their unending and selfish quest for power.

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They are indeed blind to the truth. They have made themselves political Prophets. They have planned for themselves a future laden with little lies to deceive the gullible public. They have in their vain pursuit for power questioned his loyalty to his party and attempting to plant a seed of discord amongst brethren. Some have even concluded his fate not minding that power belongs to God.

They have made themselves gods over the affairs of men. Surely, disappointment and wanton destruction awaits them in the end. They may grow and flourish in their falsehood but their destruction shall serve as a lesson to many generations.

Only the truth shall set us free. It is pertinent to allow the zoning formula as established by our founding fathers to guide each and everyone of us in choosing for ourselves a leader least we alter that laudable formation forever. It therefore calls for a careful understanding and the fear of God to approach such decisions.

The three (3) Senatorial Districts, (Uyo, Ikot Ekpene, and Eket) in our great Akwa Abasi Ibom State would have at the end of 2023 produced a Governor. In Uyo Senatorial District, the next to assume the seat, it should be noted that the Etinan (Obong Akpan Isemin) and Uyo (Obong Victor Attach) Federal Constituency have all produced Governors except Itu/Ibiono Federal Constituency.

Justice and Equity is to allow Itu/Ibiono Federal Constituency to produce the next Governor. Fairness is rewarding a loyal party man with a commitment to build a stronger PDP to fly the flag of our great party.

-Umoh Ekanem, is a public affairs analyst and writes from Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

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