Amotekun Is Complementary To Security Agencies


The recent action of the government of Southwest states in setting up of a militia outfit named Amotekun has raised a lot of national debate.

While some Nigerians have voiced their support for it, others have branded the outfit as unconstitutional.

A lot of arguments have been put across about whether Amotekun will precipitate abuse of national security or otherwise.

But all fears about Amotekun should be allayed, while the militia should be seen as complementary to the already existing security agencies.

Already it seems our security forces have been stretched to the limit in combating crime and protecting the sovereignty of Nigeria.

Therefore Amotekun is coming in to assist in security matters and not to be confrontational. I foresee a situation where the police and Amotekun will share intelligences.

Also Amotekun will take the lead in the much proposed community policing since it is closer to the grassroots.

If the police and other paramilitaries such as the Nigerian Civil Defence are working hand in hand without conflicts, so will Amotekun work with all security agencies without rifts.

Amotekun should therefore be accepted as a complementary outfit.

Friday Emem

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