Clean Out The Gutters


I have observed that while those in charge of evacuating refuse from the streets of Uyo are doing their best, they have however not done anything to clear out the drainages. All the gutters beside dumping sites in Uyo have become blocked with spill over refuse.

While the sanitation workers daily evacuate refuse, they deliberately won’t remove those that spill into the gutters.
A case in hand is the refuse collection point at NEPA Line close to Aka Road by the old cenotaph.
The gutter beside it is completely blocked with refuse. Whenever the refuse collectors are asked clean it out, they always replied that it was not part of their duty.

They often explain that cleaning out the gutters is usually given out as contract separately from theirs.
Therefore, after the daily collection the heap of refuse in the gutters still present Uyo as an eye sore.

The Agency for Sanitation and Environmental Protection should please address the situation.

Ini Michael ,

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